SCAM ALERT: Internet Sleep-Aid Ads Are Seriously Sinister

You may happen upon a seeming news article in the Forbes’ online for a sleep-aid backed by Shark Tank uber-entrepreneur Mark Cuban.  It’s hailed as a”breakthrough discovery”.  As you read more, see references to Harvard Medical School and Dr. Oz.  And you’ll learn about a sleep-aid supplement called Avinol PM that will improve your sleep…..guaranteed.  … Read more

REVIEW: Beyond Van Gogh 3D Immersive Experience

The 3D immersive experiences are likely the museums of the future.  One of these presentations that is currently found throughout the US is Beyond Van Gogh.  It combines advanced projection technology, animation, music and public domain artwork to create a 44 minute immersive presentation.   It’s pretty cool.   A similar exhibition showing Monet’s art is similarly … Read more

Drug-Free Relief from Long COVID Symptoms

Long COVID is a Real Thing…..And it’s Pretty Horrible As many as half of all COVID patients will likely experience Long COVID symptoms.  The number may actually be higher!   And there’s no correlation between age, healthfulness and Long COVID.   Further,  there’s no compelling evidence that people who have been vaccinated are somehow protected against Long … Read more

COOL TIP: Free Weight-Loss Wellness Menu Planner with Recipes

Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, Raw Food, South Beach,  Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Red Mountain, Medifast…….all of these diets can be very confusing.  No, actually they ARE confusing.  They are selling you the goal you are wanting: to lose weight and feel better.  BUT, in most cases, they want to sell you their system.  The most common mistake made by consumers is … Read more