SCAM ALERT: Internet Sleep-Aid Ads Are Seriously Sinister

You may happen upon a seeming news article in the Forbes’ online for a sleep-aid backed by Shark Tank uber-entrepreneur Mark Cuban.  It’s hailed as a”breakthrough discovery”.  As you read more, see references to Harvard Medical School and Dr. Oz.  And you’ll learn about a sleep-aid supplement called Avinol PM that will improve your sleep…..guaranteed.  … Read more

SCAM ALERT: AmourFeel Dating Site Will Fleece Your Wallet

What’s wrong with seeking love on the Internet? Online dating has been around for awhile now and, not coincidentally, so have the horror stories about scammers exploiting seekers of love and companionship. Scammers have targeted love-seekers for as long as people have been seeking love……was the Bible’s serpent a scammer? Perhaps. The FBI warns about … Read more

SCAM ALERT: The Neuro Calm Pro Tinnitus Con Game

Scattered throughout the Net are Web-based infoscams that overcharge or steal your money for “products” that don’t work or can be found for free at reputable Internet sites.  One scam that pops up almost annually involves a cure for tinnitus.   This is a condition that relatively easy to diagnose (ringing or buzzing in your ears) … Read more

SCAM ALERT: FedEx/USPS Texting Scam

Got a suspicious text from FedEx lately with a hyperlink embedded in it?  Join the untold thousands/millions who appear to have been recipients of an odd text.   It might look something like this: So, here’s the quick deal.  FedEx claims that it doesn’t send texts to its customers asking for information from them.  It asks … Read more