Ryan Shelton

This man calls himself a physician, but he is not. He makes claims and offers a lot of statements that seem factual, but they are lies. His name is Ryan Shelton and he appears to make his living by selling overpriced and dubious medical supplements to unsuspecting consumers. The only thing you want to know about Mr. Shelton is that you should not buy anything from him or the many health-related Internet services with which he is affiliated.

We’ve conducted an investigation into Mr. Shelton and we published it on or about February 8, 2020. Shortly thereafter, our website was subjected to intense denial-of-service attacks designed to overload our servers and shut our site down. So far, the attacks have been unsuccessful. During the same month, another website called contrahealthscam.com also published an article exposing Mr. Shelton’s lies. It, too, was treated to denial-of-service attacks. Someone doesn’t want the public to know about Mr. Shelton. And it wouldn’t be a hard guess to know who that someone is. We’ve handed our findings over to the FBI.

Fortunately, the attacks have not worked and we’ve compiled a significant amount of information about Mr. Shelton and the Internet companies with which he’s affiliated. Here are some articles about Shelton that are must-reads for anyone interested in doing business with him or the following Internet health companies:

  • Zenith Labs
  • Zoom Wellness
  • Nexus Formulas
  • The Baby Builders
  • SparkHealth Media

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