The Impending Chanksgiving Crisis

In less than seven days, over 5 million American Jews and untold numbers of others hosting Jewish guests at their Thanksgiving dinner will need to reconcile an event that will not re-occur for another 77,000 years. Chanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day! Currently, the crisis has not been resolved. Experts have not been … Read more

Oreos More Addictive Than Cocaine!

It’s not just a hunch anymore.   The boffins have validated it: Oreos are more addictive than cocaine or morphine.   Actually, they are both addictive substances but because Oreos are cheaper and more accessible, they pose a greater addictive danger.   In a recent study by Connecticut College,  scientists conducted a lab study using rats to … Read more

Music for the Generations!

Almost everyone has an opinion about music — it is in our genes and imbues all of our lives.   In the past sixty years (three scores?), music has taken on an even greater presence in our lives thanks to Elvis, The Beatles, radio and the Internet.    Once in a while, old and new music merges to … Read more