Environmentally sustainable bed sheets: Eucalyptus vs Bamboo vs Cotton

If you’re looking for the perfect set of sheets to snuggle up in at night, bamboo or eucalyptus bed sheets could be just what you’re after. Not only are these alternative fabric sheets incredibly soft and invitingly comfortable, but they also come with a range of impressive health benefits – from being hypoallergenic for sensitive … Read more

The Most Nutritious way to Cook Tomatoes

Tomatoes — there’s a reason that just about every country in the world relies so heavily upon this fruit (that is also a vegetable).  And cooking tomatoes makes them even more nutritious!   That’s right.  Lycopene is a essential antioxidant and tomatoes pack more lycopene than any other food — especially after cooking.  Tomatoes are also … Read more

Buying an EV: Lease vs. Car Loan

So you want to buy an EV.   Good on ya!  You’ll never have to buy gasoline again, and if you produce your own power using PV, then you are really helping the planet.   However, does it make sense to lease rather than get a loan to purchase that car?   Historically, we’ve discouraged auto leasing because … Read more

Best Broadband Home Internet in San Diego County

It’s taken almost 20 years, but some competition has finally come to home internet service in San Diego County.   Within the last year, wireless home internet has begun being offered by wireless providers T-Mobile and Verizon at substantially lower prices than the entrenched cable companies.  Granted, their speeds are slower, but more than sufficient for … Read more