SDCAN Projects

This section will contain interesting articles or other news that relates to SDCAN’s activities.

  • SDCAN’s testimony in the SDG&E 2019 General Rate Case can be found here.   This testimony is summarized in SDCAN’s Opening Brief.
  • The 2019 analysis of the state’s Independent System Operator (CAISO) is worth a read for energy policy analysts.
  • For information on the SDG&E’s 2016 General Rate Case, click here.
  • SDG&E’s wildfire costs from the 2007 fires are the $600 million question before the CPUC in 2016.  SDCAN will be actively opposing this obscene money grab.
  • Sempra Utilities screwed-up compensation practices are evaluated in this 2016 article.
  • The SDCAN 2014 protest of SDG&E’s Electric Vehicle Pilot Program proposal, can be found at this link.
  • SDCAN’s April 2014 revisions on the PUC staff’s proposed reforms of Utility regulatory reform is at this link.
  • SDCAN’s December 23, 2013 protest to SDG&E’s Proposed Changes to 2014 rates.  Click here.   SDG&E’s changes were rejected by the Commission.
  • SDCAN’s January 2014 Paper on Utility Regulatory Reform can be read here.
  • SDCAN’s White Paper on the Future of Electric Services is posted here.
  • SDCAN’s White Paper on the City of San Diego’s Energy and Water Efficiency can be found here.
  • To learn more about SDCAN’s recommendations for City of San Diego Water Pricing reform, most of which were adopted in 2014, click here.
  • For information on the SDG&E Dynamic Pricing stakeholder process, click here and for SDCAN’s protest to SDG&E’s education process, click here.
  • SDCAN testimony in opposition to SDG&E’s 2014 Rate Design Proposal.   Click here.
  • SDCAN’s report to the PUC about Residential Rate Design,  click here
  • SDCAN’s protest of SDG&E/DRA Settlement on SDG&E’s Procurement practices, click here.