SCAM ALERT: Fat Diminisher/Decimator – Wes Virgin’s Latest Rip-Off Diet Plan

scamMeet Wesley Virgin.  He holds himself out as “Billion Dollar Virgin”.   He’s an Internet marketing copywriter.  His most recent creation — The Fat Decimator System — may remind you a lot of the Fat Diminisher diet which is also wrote.   He’s an Internet scammer.

His most recent diet scam joins the pantheon of Internet diet scams that overcharge for information that is either bogus or available for free.  Most of these Internet-based diet plans all offer significant weight-loss or body-shaping results, but don’t believe it.   Virgin doesn’t hide the greed appeal: check out this video below that Virgin made for all of the affiliate marketers in April 2019 as he brags about all of the millions that he’s made. There it is:  As you’ll read below, consumers are getting played by clever, but greedy, marketers.

In addition to Fat Decimator mimicks the same hard-sell techniques of other Internet diet scams such as offerings like the Venus Factor Weight Loss, Trouble Spot Nutrition, The 3 Week DietThe Truth About Cellulite, Pound Melter and the Weight Destroyer, just to name a few.  Their slick websites ask for the “low price” of $35-39.95 for what appears to be an ebook or a “program” that “guarantees” weight loss.  This is a textbook version of the numerous other $39.95 infoscams that have infected the Web over the last three years.  Fat Diminisher has opted to charge $37….which is pretty standard.

If this claim looks familiar, it probably is — it is almost identical to Fat Diminisher routine that Virgin hawked in 2015.   Like the Diminisher scheme, it is targeted at military personnel and women.  Here’s how it works:  you are treated to a videomercial that touts the “proven way to lose weight.   Virgin references “dozens of powerful herbs and minerals” that will eradicate fat and “revitalize traumatized cells.”   He’s offering 90% commission to unscrupulous affiliate marketers who will parrot his claims and fake story in order to direct unwary consumers into his marketing trap.

Is it a scam?   Is it a rip-off?  Does it work?   You’ll never find out, largely because of an increasingly pernicious Internet industry that uses fake product review sites to hide customer reactions.   You’ll also never be able to find out about the credentials of the authors — none apparently exist on the Internet, nor are they provided at his own alleged web site.    So, should you spend the $37?   We recommend not, for the following reasons:

1.  There’s a reason this sales pitch is slick — they spend a lot of marketing money to get it to you.   Who is paying for that?  You are.   And, like many scammers, they are using Clickbank to sell their ebook so don’t assume you’ll get a refund.  “Rock solid guarantee”…..don’t bet on it.   The scammers bet on the fact that most consumers won’t seek refunds until after the 60-day period expires.   In fact, they count on it.

2.  If you look for a review of the product, you are deluged with lots of fake review or “scam” sites that simply direct you to the main sales site or offer some officious pablum talking about how the product is highly rated or recommended.   The marketers for this service pay 75% commission for any referrals they generate.   So these “affiliate marketers” create create fake review sites which effectively thwart any customer who is looking for real reviews.   It is also a tactic to obscure any customers who have posted complaints or alerts about fraudulent claims.  This affiliate marketing trick makes it very difficult for consumers to detect this and other such scams,  As one persevering blogger has noted, scam artists rely upon these fraudulent reviewers to be using tags like:  “does it work?”, “is it a scam?” or “verified review” to suck unsuspecting consumers into this fraud.

3.  The alleged author of this scheme is Marine Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Cooper.  But this guy doesn’t exist.  Wesley Virgin just made him up.  He is targeting military members and women and thinks that the Kyle Cooper character will help him sell his fitness scheme.   In reality, Virgin is a fitness expert and coach who created something called “The 7-Day Fitness Routine”.   It is a serious exercise regimen that helps both improve stamina and lose weight.  Virgin knows something about fitness, but has no credentials to tout diet plans.   As this video shows, Virgin has succumbed to the techniques used by the other Net scammers.  Rather than convince consumers to do the hard work necessary to lose weight, he tries to con consumers with compelling fiction.

4.  His entire “program” is highly overstated with unprovable claims.  But really, all he’s selling is an exercise routine and eliminating sugar from your diet.  Those are the main takeaways.  You don’t need to spend $37 on that.  There is an abundance of free or low-cost diets available on line.  Sadly, most all of them don’t work.  Fad diets been around for so long that we lose weight just calculating all of the weight loss schemes out there.    They are all appealing because they make it look as though others have succeeded.   But be aware that the only fat that melts away is whatever surplus existed in your checking account.  In fact, fad diets that promise dramatic results often can be dangerous.   Please know that no matter how well-intentioned you are, without a commitment to exercise and substantial lifestyle changes, you likely won’t succeed in maintaining any weight loss.  And if you have that commitment or will-power, then just about ANY diet will succeed.   You don’t have to pay $40 for the information.    Begin by going to this free and reputable website and then follow-up with your doctor to make sure that the diet you’ve chosen will work for you.    Another way is to use a high-protein diet or meal replacements;  that’s one of the reasons why the Paleo Diet has proven so effective.

Another is through gradual weight-loss plans that change your lifestyle, and not just your calories.  Perhaps most importantly, these are free or low-cost diets available on line.  Please know that no matter how well-intentioned you are, without a commitment to exercise and substantial lifestyle changes, you likely won’t succeed in maintaining any weight loss.  And if you have that commitment or will-power, then just about ANY diet will succeed.   You don’t have to pay $40 for the information.    Begin by going to the Mayo Clinic’s free and reputable website.  The medical experts at the Clinic have fashioned a thoughtful and time-tested plan that has worked for untold numbers of people.  Then follow-up with your doctor to make sure that the diet you’ve chosen will work for you.

Here are some additional free and reputable dieting and weight-loss resources for you on the Net:

Smart for Life

Livestrong Diet –  Aims for a loss of about 1-2 pounds per week.

GM Diet  –  It’s not really a General Motors-designed diet plan.  It’s actually a short one-week detox program.   But it could be a useful starter to a major personal diet reboot.  Linora Low gives a helpful (and free)  step-by-step video and written guide to how to do this detox program.

The Lose Weight Diet –  It does what many of the diet scammers do (take free  information and distill it down to 3 easily understood phases) but he actually offers it for free!

Our bottom line: you don’t have to spend $37 to get information about how to lose weight. And beware ANY Net-based sales pitch that has uncredentialed, slick video presentations with no independent reviews. It may not be a scam, but it is probably a rip-off because it is overpriced for what it is offering.   In this case, there’s lots of good diet information in the marketplace offered at a fraction of the cost of most weight loss schemes.  Save your hard-earned money.

One additional warning:  once you give them your money, you’ll be tagged as “meat”.  Once they know that you’ll fall for this pitch, the same marketers will be coming back to you over and over and over for other such pitches.  When Wesley Virgin refers to “conversions” in his video, he’s talking about his ability to get consumers to pay more and more and more.  As they get sucked into his marketing web, he “milks” them.    So understand that if you pay these marketers anything….let alone $37…..they’ll continue to hound you with more slick schemes designed to prey on your fears and concerns.  Don’t open your door or wallet to them.

49 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT: Fat Diminisher/Decimator – Wes Virgin’s Latest Rip-Off Diet Plan”

  1. The $30 offer is especially for casual visitors . You can get Fat Decimator System Program in just $7 instead of paying the full price of
    $37 and save $30.

    • We were very aware of this discount. Just by leaving the page to which we linked, we saw the offer. And even at $7 it is a bad deal. First, you can get most of Virgin’s info for free, as we indicate at the end of our post. Second, you’ll be subjected to upselling and possible additional unauthorized charges. Finally, we don’t recommend that consumers do business with companies that lie and scheme. Do business with an unethical business and you are to be sure to be treated poorly.

  2. I’ve seen the quick start book of this and it talks about changing your diet. I am a super fussy eater and hate most of the things that were in there. Considering the video went for an hour and I was waiting to here wait vegetables to avoid and never got it I was very annoyed. I think I found a list of stuff that you can add into your diet but not sure its right or not:
    Coenzyme Q10
    Cayenne Pepper
    I hope this helps someone out

  3. Well they took my money and i got nothing not a reciept or anything. It is a scam or they would have emailed me the book and the belly trimmer but nope nothing have been waiting 4 days still nothing but money has been taken….. shame on them i hope they get found out and have to pay it all back to people or they have karma come back ok them.
    Disgusted feeding off peoples hope…
    Not impressed i will challenge the bank to refund the money and slap a huge fine on this website if the goods dont come through.

  4. I’m thinking of buying this I’ve seen really good reviews and a couple of bad ones, but mostly just comments back and forth.
    Excuse me, but, if you have gone to the trouble of purchasing something that is working for you that’s good, why then do complete strangers expect you to exchange that information so they can have it free of charge.
    I guess that if you want to know, the vegetables, herbs and spices to use or not use, is to buy the system. If you don’t want to pay, then find your own way to loose weight.

  5. I cannot believe that of all the people who have commented that they bought the program, not one mentions the two vegetables to avoid. And this is not the only review site that is showing this kind of response. I would think if these were real people that purchased the product and were not happy with it they would be glad to share some of the so called secrets that really do not work. With that said, I am not saying it is a scam or not since I have not tried it but there are so many marketing affiliates out there I have no idea whether a review or comment is real anymore.

  6. In his video it says you don’t have to exercise or change your diet, yet the whole book is about changing those 2 things.

  7. I have purchased Fat Dim and it is sure working for me
    3kgs week 1
    2 kgs week 2
    and consistently 1/2 – 1 kg over the next 5 weeks..
    I’ve enjoyed a renewed vitality and it has lowered my blood pressure ( which was very high) to normal ranges.
    Simply by using the natural products in the way that Wes described. I read his weight loss programme and changed it to suit myself simply eating sensibly and no junk. I walk 2-3 times a week 5kms a time but that’s it I’m not killing myself in the gym I have lost 2 dress sizes.
    I think I’ve almost reached my goal weight but I shall continue the herbs for the rest of my life. A simple smoothie twice a day for the energy and rejuvenation I feel it was worth every cent of my $37.00…

  8. This product offers a money back guarantee..but..good luck with that if u purchase this product and expect a refund if u are a dissatisfied consumer. I’ve been trying since July, 2016 to get my refund. I’ve followed all the instructions and qualified for a refund but NO REFUND. Don’t buy this product.

  9. I purchased the Fat Diminisher program and now I’m trying to get my guaranteed refund. I was not able to follow the program – the diet or the exercises. I’ve had no luck. The sites they give you for refunds are dead ends and I get no help. And I can’t find a phone number. Can anyone help or is this just a scam and I’ll never get my money back. ( I paid $37 for it.)

    • If you bought it through Clickbank you should be able to secure a refund within 60 days, but you have to do it on-line. They won’t accept phone calls. And, yes, it’s a scam.

  10. I was very interested in the Fat Diminisher System at the beginning of his video. At the beginning it said the next 3 minutes will be worth viewing. 45 minutes later I am still waiting to see what his answer is to the weight loss solution. Needless to say, I am very skeptical of anyone who tells me to listen for 3 minutes and 45 minutes later I still know nothing. What a waste of my time.

    • Just what I thought. “3 minutes” turns into 45. I thought the guy would never stop talking. So I decided to scam check it. Sure enough many people had been taken. Don’t fall for it

  11. I’m not sure how one can only be out $25 when the program itself was $20 and the three main supplements were close to $60. I literally started this yesterday and can keep you posted on my progress. My only downfall is that I love food and need something sweet or something to crunch on after lunch or the afternoon just drags on. I was going to have my daughter try it out too but the supplements are mixed to liquid form and honestly taste awful.

  12. I purchased the “special” $19.99 version and one additional book. I am happy with the program so far–day3. My one complaint would be the constant additional offers that are being pushed by Wesley. One supplement was over $100 for a month’s supply, books, videos, diet plans, etc. I want to get healthy not lose all my money. Regardless, I will follow his diet and exercise plan for as long as it takes to get me to my goal because I do feel better and it’s a diet I can follow and modify to my likes and dislikes. So far I’m out $25 and three pounds.

    • Upselling is a REAL problem with most of these online offers. Expect to get more of it. Our recommendation is that you can often find this “diet” information for free on the Net. We’ve offered some suggestions so that consumers can get the information without the cost and hassles.

  13. Thank you for the real review. I’ve found that anytime I find only reviewers that are profitting (affiliate marketing?) from their so-called positive review, that it’s probably repackaged info that I have already discovered. If it’s about acidosis then read about the alkaline diet. Several books such as the one by Dr. Robert O. Young are abundant in information about the alkaline/acid balance.

  14. I almost ordered this product but i wanted to see what others have to say about it and it is true that I could not find any sites that provided honest feedback from those who purchased the product. After searching and searching I finally found this site but will not say what words I used in order to avoid the websites that obviously supported Wes products. I also found many videos on Web such as which shows he is very intelligent and knows how to make money as he is not hiding his approach or the fact that he has used techniques and tactics to draw people to his products. Overall, he brags about being a copy experts ie he knows how to write copy so that people buy into his products. Actually, I kept watching the video while he is obviously 1/2 naked which distracted me entirely from many of the points he made and I must say I eventually switched it off but overall, he knows how to make money and is already a multi-millionaire so go figure!!! anyway, I must wonder how Megan S and Sarah end up on this website to post their stories? If they are happy with their results then why would you be looking up this type of site which is already difficult to find? If this another one of Wes tactic? If I purchased a product online that works especially this product I most likely will provide feedback on the company’s website and not have to search for this type of site to post about it. Therefore, I am wondering if the feedback saying the product is working if it is real! Something fishy as sandiegocan is not the sort of site that you find easy….ummm well I did not and I only came across it after searching and searching for consumer comments>>>>>

  15. Hi All
    sounds like a bedtime story. it’s very easy for someone who is selling the same medecine to just change the name and the email add, and add stories in order to be still on the market and respond to the many questions that are on this web about whether it works or not. Stop buying such nonsense. if anyone bought it for sure why didn’t they even scan a copy off the book to incite … or even the same marketers….there is a lot of nonsense to all these mysterious monthly change in weight…. REMEMBER… GAINING WEIGHT IS EASY but not losing weight….

  16. Saw this on the internet yesterday and after reading and listening I had to order it. I’m not expecting miracles but I saw and heard a lot of what I needed to hear for my health. It made a lot of sense what he was saying you see I’ a five time cancer survivor skin around 2003, kidney cancer in 2007 followed up with surgery and breast CANCER IN 2009 again surgery followed up with 6 AND half weeks of radiation then in 2010 kidney cancer came back and was prescribed a medicine that was over eight thousand dollars a month (thank God I had good insurance) only to have it come back again in 2014 followed up with another surgery and almost a month in the nursing home to recuperate. So all this going on stick a fork in me I’m done. I lost a lot of weight last year and one friend told me that a really good friend was so worried about he bet I wouldn’t be here in six months. My boyfriend was always nagging to put some weight back on, I was eating but kept getting struck down with vertigo I have five hospital gowns from the hospital sending me home in them cause I would be so sick when the emergency team would pick me up that I didn’t have regular pants and top on as I was so sick I couldn’t take care of myself. I finally started feeling better and then my weight started coming back and my friends kept saying that I was putting my weight back on and I thought oh no here comes the weight and I would run home and jump on the scales and it was still the same as it was when I was in the nursing home because they weight me everyday there. Then the weight started coming on and I thought well at least I’m feeling better, after being so sick for so long it was nice to feel better and then the weight kept coming and coming I was still getting compliments about looking so much better but then my pants were getting tighter and tighter. I saw thus on the internet and liked and need to do what it told me to do I needed something healthy and I liked what it said. Nobody twisted my arm to buy this program but I knew I needed to do something. I wanted to star5t today but I wasn’t done reading everything but when my son and Grandson took me and my boyfriend out for lunch today and I was I couldn’t wait to get back in the house to get my sweaty tight clothes off. So tomorrow I start in, I need to lay in some different foods so instead of using my money to eat out or stop for a milkshake I’ll buy food at the grocery store. I enjoyed reading all the info and it doesn’t seem that difficult so it cost me some money I would have spent it on take out or delivery. I don’t expect miracles but I got to do something and people are right I could have found some of this on the internet but where when it is all right here and with encouragement.

    • So long as you are willing to pay the premium for the marketers who are pushing scientifically questionable diet plans, then you’ve made an informed decision. Please let us all know, at some future time, whether it worked for you and how it compares to other diets you’ve tried.

      • Instead of making us read your ad to see a program why don’t you give at least 1-2 day example of what the program has you do. Most reputable diets on the internet say here is an example….etc. I have found some things on the internet that Ive purchased and have been terrific. Everyone knows losing weight to fast is not good and will not stay off. So if you will publish some actual examples of a days plan I’ll think about it. I read the entire program for 48 minutes and read and re-read the same words in different order. Please send out something to prove your claims.

        • We’ll post your comment, as it appears to be directed to the marketer. We are happy to post whatever reply the Fat Diminisher marketer offers to us.

  17. Hmm.. Fat Diminisher is working for me.. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m having amazing results with it.. Maybe it’s not for everybody, if you are lazy, of course it won’t work.. anyway, don’t buy this system if you don’t have time to apply everything it has to offer or you are looking for some kind of “magic pill”.. In my opinion it has everything you need to know to be successful at your weight loss journey, and if I can do it, trust me, anyone can.. Just take your time, follow the program, and you’ll get there, no doubt about it.. Rome wasn’t built in a day..

    – Sarah

  18. Megan M., please keep me posted on your journey with this. I too have been on the low carb diet for about 1 1/2 months and have stopped losing at 15 pounds. I would like to know if this keeps working for you.

  19. Hi,
    I did purchase the fat dim. program, and have lost 7 pounds this week. I usually was doing the low carb diet alone and stopped losing weight. Once I added the items the diet suggested it did help. I did not realize how much energy I was missing. Anyways, its only been a week so we will see


    • FOR ANYONE who claims to have purchased this and is having some success. Why don’t you share some of the information ? What vegetables to remove from your diet. What herbs to eat? Give us something to really hang our hats on. No offense to anyone who sincerely purchased and had this work. Just so many scam reviews it makes it hard. If you have it and it works why not share with others it’s about good health and weight loss right? Not money!! I’ve not seen one review that was positive share a single thing other than copy and paste sentences from written forms of the ad for this diet. Again no disrespect meant to anyone. Just saying if I were given a ” second chance” and a way to truly ” help” everyone – that was ” given to me for free” and I ” looked above and Thanked God” I wouldn’t be charging a single penny !

  20. The large amount of weight he claims that can be lost in a very short amount of time on his plan just sounds way too good to be true. I think that is why people are paying for the information. I would like to know how much weight anybody is realistically losing and how long it really takes. And I mean real body fat.

  21. Sarah, and other struggling diabetics… STOP all Diet foods, all FAKE SUGAR (and other neurotoxins) and drink 3tsp of unfiltered, cold pressed Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water or herbal/green tea EVERY DAY before meals and or bed! (Trader Joes has a good one or Braggs.) you can add fresh lemon juice and oil from chopped ginger for extra benefit. It’s cheap, natural, beneficial for Almost Everyone.

  22. First, I am not in the personal training business nor do I sell fitness or weight loss books or any other related products. I do have a BS in Biology, enough courses in biochem, genetics, metabolism, fitness, nutritional science, anatomy and kinesiology to help people get or find answers to urgent questions. Most of it is available for free if you just search for the right questions! People who ask the wrong questions and persist at it are making themselves victims for people who package nonsense and sell it for value to the vulnerable again and again. Usually, it is not too hard to spot the logical fallacies and persuasive marketing and selling techniques without needing to go into the science of it all. If it appeals to the wrong (like resentment, pride, laziness or just being tired of it all and jaded ) motives and seems too easy run like hell holding onto your checkbook! Fad diets and alleged exercise fads can ruin your health, even kill you. The father of ‘cardio’ and “Anaerobics” Jim Fixx died from how he abused his body at a relatively young age. He probably sincerely meant well. Abusing the heart can cause hypertrophy and ‘scarring.’
    Professional dietitians, endocrinologists and other physicians who supervise training and exercise for NASA, the military, and research say good things based on solid scientific evidence and common-sense facts about how to attain and manage personal fitness and how to develop a sustainable and satisfying state of personal nutrition. Diets such as DASH and ZONE that focus on personal metabolic fact and habit formation and motivation are also helpful. The Nautilus workout system is evidence based, flexible, safe, and adaptable. Check it out! You can get the info for FREE! Get good advice, manage stress, exercise just enough, and keep an open mind about new data and new technology.

  23. If this info is easily accessed on web, could you please provide links. There is so much garbage on the web that it’s very hard to know what is real. Fat Diminisher does sound bogus, but I guess many of us are hoping for a quicker and easier fix, especially those of us with Diabetes who have been told to keep tight control of our blood sugar, but that no matter what we’ll get worse and suffer horrible disabilities from Diabetes.

    Thanks so much. If you believe it’s a scam, please offer the alternatives sites you mentioned. It’s not so easy to find this info.

    Struggling Diabetic professional

  24. I have yet to hear whether this Wes’ program is actually effective. Does it achieve a significant fat reduction? Can someone who has tried this product comment, please?

  25. I listen to about an hour of the commercialwhen it was finally over I kept the website up and case I decided I did want itwent on my phone and looked it up to see if there was any scams or if this was the real thing. I also noticed three or four other similar websites claiming the same things.then I found this website and what you are telling me is that all the information is free on the internet if I have the time to look for it you have not told me if this is a scam or not if the information is good it is worth me paying $37 or as I look for the website $19 for all of the information to be placed in one spot so I could read it at my leisure and find out if it’s true not one person on this website said that they have tried the fat to make sure Diet plan. I guess it’s up to the customer, I’m not going to purchase it because I cannot afford it but all of that information in one place to me is worth a $20 bill

  26. Hey ! Well I was stupid enough to order the book from Fat Diminisher for $37.00 , also saw the same book for $ 19.00 from same company . When I tried to go to check out a page came up pushing two more books . I wasn’t interested in those books and tried to get to the check out . Could not get there ! But I forgot , they get your payment information BEFORE you get to the check out part . BIG RED FLAG ! What an idiot I was ! Anyway , they got my money but not my address . I have tried and tried to get this resolved but no go . You go to their refund page and enter to start the process and it does nothing . Freezes. My laziness got me on this one . Just eat right and exercise .

    • It’s easy to get refunded and I can only conclude that it’s lack of knowledge or skimming over terms and conditions that leads you to miss it.

      I’ve bought some products through Clickbank before and once or twice I thought the info wasn’t good enough. So I got a refund through the RECEIPT that Clickbank sent me. I didn’t email anyone I just selected refund. It took 30 seconds and was very easy. Just find your receipt email which is what you should be doing anyway.

  27. Thank you for letting me know about this. I was listening to the thing on the Internet last about an hour and I could not could not push the button to order because I was going to. I have a lot of problems with with me and I thought that this might be a good way to get rid of some of the problems I have because my body is all messed up. I was looking for this guy’s name on Google when I when it sent me to you instead so I read what you said about it and thank you for helping me to save the money and the time. I would like to find something though with all of minerals he was talking about it sounded like it might help.

  28. Thanks for the heads up and review.

    Is what Wes doing illegal? How is it a scam? If so, the FTC should address that.

    Judging by where I see it advertised they’re making several hundred sales a day.

    Overpriced certainly but it makes me wonder and this is the key point:

    If everything is available for free and so easy, then why are people buying this program? Surely they would have got the free info by now and lost weight?

    Or does it organize all the free info around the web into 1 manual perhaps? In which case, $37, while expensive, is easily worth 3 hours of someone’s time trawling around fat loss websites trying to work out if they’re legitimate or not.

    • Jeff, in each of the comments that we’ve posted of yours on various stories (five, so far), you consistently maintain that the marketers are providing a “convenience” by taking the information readily available for free and packaging it for consumers. As you’ve stated before, if the marketers aren’t doing something that is illegal, then what is the harm. Our point has consistently been that the information being pitched by these marketers is overpriced and overhyped. And we are alerting consumers to both the sales tactics and the free alternatives. Let’s agree to disagree, then. Shall we?

      • Not sure we can agree to disagree because I don’t disagree with you. I think it’s good that you alert people to the sales tactics and overpriced products. In fact, you are helping people out.

        But my point is about the reasons why this works so well. I don’t understand why people constantly fall for it if the info is so easily accessible and free.

        In certain cases I do think that packaging up info into a “report” is worth paying for. Perhaps not $37 and I’m not really down with the stories used to pitch the product to people.

        That said, if the product is good and really does help people lose weight, you can forgive the crazy sales pitch to a certain degree.


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