COOL TIP: Grocery Shopping Secrets in San Diego County

Few San Diegans are aware of how many grocery shopping options are available to them.   Even fewer appreciate how San Diego County’s local produce is among the best in the world. Its temperate climate, sunshine and rich soils of the inland valleys makes San Diego one of the nation’s most diverse and productive agricultural regions.  … Read more

Up on the Roof: Downtown San Diego Rooftop Venues

San Diego may likely has more rooftop drinking and eating venues than any American city. Of course, it helps that San Diego’s climate is the best in the U.S. Locals should be taking advantage of the weather (and the sunshine tax that San Diegans pay) by enjoying drinks and dining under the stars.   And … Read more

To PV or Not to PV?

THAT really is the question for any San Diego-based Hamlet with a south-facing roof on his home. San Diego is the solar capital of the nation, with more solar power rooftops and capacity installed than any other city in the United States. Still, even in San Diego, less than one percent of our energy is … Read more