The Straight Scoop on Coffee

  So what is a discussion about coffee doing on a consumer web site?    Anything that costs consumers upwards of $1,000 per year seems to be worth analyzing.     Yup — that daily $4 Starbucks frappuccino will set you back about a thousand of your hard-earned $1.00 bills.    Compare that to the … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Internet Belly Fat Cures Are Chock Full of Lies

Lean Belly Breakthrough and its companion Net-based publication See Your Abs are highly problematic Net offerings.  By our definition, they are scams and are disturbing examples of  how Internet marketers are trying to wrest money from unsuspecting consumers.   They claim to rid you of ALL of your belly fat in 30 days.   The story is … Read more

COOL TIPS: PV Sings Here Comes the Sun

Increasing numbers of homeowners are installing photovoltaic (PV) arrays on their roofs in order to produce some or all of their own electricity.   The costs of solar power have dropped sufficiently that complete paybacks of this investment are dropping to as low as five years and, on average, about 7-8 years.  In another article, we … Read more

COOL TIP: Online Classified Ads and Barter Sites Will Save You Money

Who doesn’t love Craigslist? Craig Newmark gave consumers an incredible gift when he used technology to obliterate the paid classified business previously controlled by the newspapers.   Ooops, we suppose the newspaper publishers don’t love Craigslist.   But any shopper has Mr. Newmark to thank for his popular classified advertising website that has grown steadily since it … Read more

COOL TIP: Don’t Buy Any Pharmaceuticals Before You Do This One Thing

Your doctor tells you that you need to start taking some pills for something or another.   He (or she) sends the prescription to the pharmacy that you’ve designated to fill your prescriptions.   STOP!   You’ve just fallen into the shopping trap set up by drug stores. Rewind:  Your doc gives you the news and you say:  … Read more