SCAM ALERT: Online Tinnitus Treachery Exposed

tonaki tinnitus scam

Scattered throughout the Net are Web-based info scams that overcharge or steal your money for “products” that don’t work or can be found for free at reputable Internet sites. One scam that pops up almost annually involves a cure for tinnitus. This condition is relatively easy to diagnose (ringing or buzzing in your ears) but … Read more

COOL TIP: How To Avoid Being Held Up….by Customer Service

Being put on hold when calling customer service sucks!  It’s disrepectful of your time and often it is entirely unnecessary.  A decade back, prognosticators were predicting that Internet services such as Chat, FAQs and Call Back were going to eliminate being “held up” by customer service.  It’s time to put the prognosticators on hold, because … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Infoscam Websites that Steal Your Money

Fraud is prevalent on the Internet.  Scattered through the Net are Web-based infoscams that overcharge or steal your money for “products” that don’t work or can be found for free.  A common scheme they use is “affiliate marketing” by which they try to trick you into thinking that other consumers vouch for the product.  Savvy … Read more

COOL TIP: Predicting the Price of Produce

Produce prices fluctuate.  Sometimes dramatically.  Take celery.  Normally, you can buy a stalk of this ubiquitous vegetable for about $1.   Yet, currently, its price is 400X higher — closer to $5 in some states.  The culprit: rains in California washed out much of the nation’s celery crop.   The same fate befell strawberries.    Throughout the … Read more

ALERT: Social Media May Be Hurting America…..and the rest of the world

Could social media be addicting and afflicting America?  Is it causing a national depression, above and beyond what Trump is doing to the country?  Is Facebook a threat to public health?  According to Silicon Valley, psychologists and sociologists, the answers to these questions are: “Yes!”. In fact, perhaps the most sobering warning comes from former … Read more