INSIGHT: U.S. Infrastructure Agenda MIA

In the midst of the Federal government’s needless shutdown drama, a thoughtful voice has gone largely unnoticed — it is a voice from the future asking where the U.S. is headed.   The voice is that of the Business Roundtable, an organization comprised of  CEOs of the nation’s top companies.  For the first time in quite … Read more

ALERT: Social Media May Be Hurting America…..and the rest of the world

Could social media be addicting and afflicting America?  Is it causing a national depression, above and beyond what Trump is doing to the country?  Is Facebook a threat to public health?  According to Silicon Valley, psychologists and sociologists, the answers to these questions are: “Yes!”. In fact, perhaps the most sobering warning comes from former … Read more

Why Disharmony? How Music Can Heal Divided Nations

Fact:  America is currently a socially polarized mess of a country.  Additional fact:  It’s not alone.  Britain, Australia, Austria, France, Spain, Germany and many other first-world democracies are deeply divided, politically flammable nations.  Trump, Farage, LePen and Kurz are political opportunists who have seized upon the anger fueled by growing inequality, a shrinking middle class, … Read more