ALERT: Social Media May Be Hurting America…..and the rest of the world

Could social media be addicting and afflicting America?  Is it causing a national depression, above and beyond what Trump is doing to the country?  Is Facebook a threat to public health?  According to Silicon Valley, psychologists and sociologists, the answers to these questions are: “Yes!”. In fact, perhaps the most sobering warning comes from former … Read more

INSIGHT: A Screed Against The Keto Diet

Keto is the new diet fad.  It’s also possibly the worst diet fad out there because it’s not a sustainable diet (apologies to the Grapefruit Diet, which has you eating nothing but grapefruit until you commit yourself to a mental health facility).  Keto is a throwback diet to the widely promoted and subsequently discredited Atkins … Read more

Do Not DIY Your Patio Sliding Glass Doors

How hard can it be to do a DYI install a patio sliding glass door?  Actually, really hard.  Especially if you want it done right.  A good first question to ask yourself is how much experience to you have that involve working with a 150-200 pound, 6-8’ wide slab of double-paned glass?  Add to that, … Read more