SCAM ALERT: Prevagen 50 Pills Waste Your Money

Here’s the truth that Prevagen doesn’t want you to know:  brain supplements don’t work.   Prevagen, in particular, is a well known scam that the Federal government has been trying to shut down. In January 2017, the Federal Trade Commission and the New York State Attorney General sued the maker of Prevagen for its misleading ads.  According to … Read more

Fact Checking Mercola Mistruths About COVID Testing

There’s a LOT of information about the coronavirus on the Internet.  Sadly, much of it is simply untrue.  For example, you may have seen a November 2020 article by a Dr. Joseph Mercola that makes a number of “factual” statements about COVID testing.  It starts something like this: “From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Inactivate Ryan Shelton’s Longevity Activator

Longevity Activator is a supplement sold by infoscammer “Dr” Ryan Shelton.  Shelton peddles a  number of Internet-based cures that he peddles including the Hair Revital X, Join FLX, SoundQuility, SouthBeach Skin Lab, Diabetes 60, Vision 20 and fertility treatments among other things.   Ryan Shelton is not a medical doctor, but a naturopath who holds himself out … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Beware the Blood Sugar Formula Vampires

$49 every month for pills that will cure diabetes.  That’s what PureHealth Research is hawking to unsuspecting consumers.  Below, we’ll explain why you don’t have to spend that kind of money to ward off diabetes.  The Blood Sugar Formula is just one of numerous pills that claim to cure diabetes.  By definition, they are all … Read more