COOL TIP: Free Weight-Loss Wellness Menu Planner with Recipes

Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, Raw Food, South Beach,  Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Red Mountain, Medifast…….all of these diets can be very confusing.  No, actually they ARE confusing.  They are selling you the goal you are wanting: to lose weight and feel better.  BUT, in most cases, they want to sell you their system.  The most common mistake made by consumers is … Read more

SCAM ALERT: BioFit Weight Loss is a Retread of Another Diet Scam

  It appears that the infamous (and fictitious) Chrissie Miller is back.  Her previous scame, The Favorite Foods Diet was one of a number of so-called diets peddled on the Internet, except that it specifically targeted women. This time, she’s peddling the BioFit Weight Loss. It is essentially the same scam, but now they are … Read more