SCAM ALERT: Internet Belly Fat Cures Are Chock Full of Lies

scamLean Belly Breakthrough and its companion Net-based publication See Your Abs are highly problematic Net offerings.  By our definition, they are scams and are disturbing examples of  how Internet marketers are trying to wrest money from unsuspecting consumers.   They claim to rid you of ALL of your belly fat in 30 days.   The story is similar to most other scam stories: Mr. Krahn cites an unnamed German hospital where he met a certain ‘Dr. Heinrick,’ who gave him a ‘breakthrough new protocol’ to help him lose his belly fat and save his life. This program, Heinrick claims, has a ‘100% success rate’ with his patients. Long story short, he comes across ‘two, 3-ring binders each containing 29 pages of easy-to-follow instructions’ from Dr Heinrick.  He claims that this ‘shockingly effective, simple 2-minute ritual’  is capable of making you look and feel ‘decades younger.’ He also alleges that this ‘one simple method’ had been ‘covered up by unethical drug companies’ who are only interested in making ‘profits’ and not in telling the ‘truth.’    As we explain below, Dr. Heinrick doesn’t exist.   But that’s not the only reason we call this offering a scam:

It Relies Upon Misleading “Reviews” to Find Customers

These two scams resort to a marketing strategy in which it enlists an army of “marketing affiliates” who create the fake review websites that use terms like “scam” “does it work” and “review” to rope in unsuspecting consumers who think they are actually getting objective information.  Instead, they are getting fake info for which the affiliates will receive commissions .

As this ad on Clickbank shows, it’ll give commissions of 85% to any affiliate marketer who gets a sale.  And the average sale price is over $39, even though they only charge $37.   This means you’ll be subjected to some major upselling.

The Use of The Discredited Sneil Kumar

When we first evaluated this scheme, the advertisement on Lean Belly’s website included a ‘Doctor Certified’ logo bearing the stolen identity of Dr Suneil Kumar. This Doctor Certified service had  been exposed as a fraud by Clickbank.  Moreover, the hijacked identity of Suneil Kumar has been used to put a doctor’s touch to scams like The 3-Week Diet, ED Miracle, Red Smoothie Detox Factor, Heartburn No More, Yeast Infection No More and Pregnancy Miracle. All these scams are exposed here.

The Dubious Dr. Heinrick

It is pretty clear that Bruce Krahn, or the fictional Dr Heinrick, is just making things up;  they offer no scientific validation for the claim  that some ‘internal irritation’ causes fat to accumulate around the waist and abdomen or arteries. Fat accumulates in the body due to bad lifestyle, hormonal imbalances (insulin, steroids) and hereditary factors.   We know that Dr. Heinrick doesn’t exist — Krahn claims it is a pseudonym, but doesn’t come right out and say that.

Summing Up

Our greatest concern about this diet scheme — and one that you should share — is that these marketers are less interested in selling you this book and its information.  They are laser focused on upselling you are much as possible and making as much money from you as possible.   Their e-books are the bait to ensnare you.   If you must take that bait, so be it.   But attempt to avoid the other traps that lay await for you by unscrupulous marketers who apparently will bombard you with offers once you enter their realm.

22 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT: Internet Belly Fat Cures Are Chock Full of Lies”

  1. I thought it interesting that Dan got the info in folders from an unnamed doctor. Then he claims that Big Pharmacutical companies are keeping info from us. Sounds like the doctor’s plan worked for them. It would appear that the stole the unnamed doctor’s plan and now is trying to profit from it. If it was real, he is a thief charging people for something a a professional “gave” his in-laws and he should be arrested and sent to jail! Then again, I’m not sure anyone would buy his whole story. It’s probably all made up.

  2. I am so happy I found this site. I figured the Lean Belly Fat program was too good to be true. My first clue that this was an elaborate “Big Sell” hit me after watching 15 minutes of the very long 2-minute demonstration video. The narrator (who I doubt is the author) kept repeating things 5 or 6 time. It was like some brain-washing technique: bombard you with positive thoughts, emotional events (with pictures), before and after photos, made up medical facts, RINSE & REPEAT. And they pull you along not showing you anything, forcing you to watch to the end. And everything starts out with lots of FREE offers which slowly fade away until the end of the video where they believe they have you hooked, then they introduce the small (but apparently optional) hidden fees (newsletter subscriptions, other plans, exclusive memberships, etc.). Having being involved with affiliate programs myself, I recognized many of the techniques they used to market this product. And if by chance you do fall for their program, they will share your email address with their entire group of affiliates which number in the hundreds or even thousands. Then you will start receiving spam like you have never experienced before.

    The breathing exercise programs listed above are more valuable than anything being offered in the Lean Belly Fat program. I will be trying them immediately. Thanks!

  3. thank you for posting that these things are scams because everyone does not know so that is so awesome that you’re posting this so damn we don’t get caught up in these people scams thank you

  4. Mel, again, I am revealing the name of the product and company I feel scammed me : Better Bladder: I was supposed to get a sample of their product for a shipping & handling fee $9.95. Two weeks after I received the product, my bank account was charged $99.80. I called them and they said a certain time had elapsed and I didn’t call them back, so they charged me for the product. The bad thing about this is the product actually seem to work. There was no mention in the literature they sent with the product that I had to respond back to them by a certain date or be charged! They credited my money back in my account after a couple of days. I had to get very angry with them, for them to reimburse my money!

  5. Just spent several minutes engrossed in so called Dr. Heinricks book Cure and the young lady that gives you the rundown of the book and how it is free! IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO HIS NEWS LETTER. I GUESS IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! BUYER BE WARE! I hate to say I fell for this, BUT when I tried to place the order my tablet ( Stumbled, said I was not on line) so ended my order or I hope so. It is funny after you have been scammed, you end up on a web site exposing the scam. This is the second time most recently, that this has happened to me. The other one said they were returning my money! When I get it I will share the details!!

  6. Thanks very much for this information. I am a skeptic so did some digging and your site showed up. It is so sad people are trying to steal other folks’ money all the time. Some of those folks, like me, cannot afford to be ripped off.

  7. I am 70 fairly inactive, about 30 pounds overweight. I started doing a similar exercise recently – perhaps even simpler than the one Baily described: Stand comfortably feet apart for balance, inhale deeply, exhale fully as though you were blowing out many candles on a birthday cake force every bit of air out until your abdomen cannot pushes any more out hold a fe seconds inhale and start over. You will feel your abdominal muscles engage, then relax as you inhale. Do this slowly concentrating on the whole process. A few sets of 10 every day at various times when you think of it is a really good start to a flatter stronger abdominal area. Core strength is so important for people in my age bracket as it really helps avoid falls. Even though i am overweight my shape is changing and i look better. I am stronger and my posture has improved. I feel motivated to get out and get moving now that I can actually feel and see a difference. I know that when I get out and start moving I will trigger my metabolism and I will lose some weight. It really doesn’t take much more than a conscious effort. I encourage any age to do this simple exercise.

  8. I really thought this was just an extremely clever way to sell this program. It worked because I wanted to click on your site. I was surprised that you really were warning people against this program and the scammers who are hawking it. So listen, there really is a way to blast body fat in two minutes a day. It’s not a miracle, but it does works, and what’s great about it is that it’s free… well, sort of. Are we being taxed for breathing yet?

    So here it is: Breathe! I know, it sounds silly, but it’s true. No, it’s not the type of breathing you do all day every day. This is a specific type of breathing that will boost your metabolism and actually cause your body to dump excess fat very quickly.

    Here’s how you do it:

    1. Gently exhale all the stale air out of your lungs through your mouth. You don’t have to force every single drop of air, but just empty them.
    2. Quickly and forcefully (mouth closed) inhale through your nose until your full.
    3. Put your lips together then quickly and forcefully exhale that air making a “Pah” sound. Do this until your lungs are completely empty (make sure you’re doing it quickly) then hold it.
    4. Once you’ve blown all the excess air out and are holding it out, immediately pull in your stomach. You’ll want to pull in then roll up into the diaphragm. So it’s kind like, “Pah”, then pull your stomach in tight and roll up then hold for 8-10 seconds.
    5. You’ll be gasping for air after just 8-10 seconds, so gasp away then repeat the process for 2 minutes. Work your way up to 40 breaths a day and you’ll see amazing results. Now, to see even greater benefit… tighten certain muscles while doing the breathing. Do this by adding a static body position between number 4 and 5. So once you’ve gone “Pah” and pulled your stomach in and up, then you’ll tighten either your arms kind of as if you were doing a curl with dumb bells (do the reverse for the backs of your arms), your legs just by standing straight up and squeezing your legs and behind tight and rigid. You can also do this lying on the floor face up in a crunch position. Do this three times and watch your belly flatten out. One week and you will find that your clothes are looser.

    Here’s the only thing… you don’t want to do this if you have uncontrolled blood pressure.

    I hope you (whomever you are, find the time to do this every day for at least a week so you can see that it really does work. I lost 15 pounds and 19 inches in one month doing this. Not only that, but I lost that weight while still eating absolute garbage fast food 3 times a day because I was working on my business and didn’t have time to prepare meals at home. We’re talking the Big 3. McDonald’s, Burger King and Jack in the Box for breakfast lunch and dinner. I don’t recommend you do that, but that’s where I was in my life at the time.

    Good luck!

    • Bailey Thank You for sharing. What is this breathing method called? I want to look it up on YouTube. I have hard time following what you wrote sorry some terminology is difficult for me. Thank you very much

    • You seem to be describing the breathing that is required for Tai Chi, which is wonderful. I started Tai Chi on my 70th birthday and have noticed such a huge improvement in my diet, energy level and balance.

    • Bailey, You and I have done the same breathing exercises and, like you, I lost so many overall inches in 10 days I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and tape measure but my clothes told another story! The smaller size clothes started fitting! It is a workout even though all you do is breathe and hold one of the stretches, then do it again through all the stretches. Honestly people, stick with it and you will NOT be disappointed! Use the tape measure because you will also love writing down the measurements every day.

  9. Thank you very much for your information. They must put loads of money in this scam to mislead Google. It’s a big scam to get rich. He’s just another criminal trying to steal people’s money. And puts loads of time in it, so it’s paying of! Above 35 we all get more belly fat. Live healthy, exercise and be kind to yourself. That’s enough. You can lose your belly fat, but you have to follow a strong exercise program and a diet. Loads of patiently, commitment… It will cost you time, you may not do or eat some things anymore. If you think that’s worth it, go for it! But most of us, we have a family to take care of, spend time with them, work to do. We want to have some fun ones in a while. And everybody has another metabolism. So when you see I skinny girl telling you what to do, leave them be. Or donate them your gens 🙂 Embrace yourself, just the way you are. Don’t let a thief of your wallet say how you have to look.


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