SDCAN has intervened and submitted testimony in each of the last two SDG&E General Rate Cases:

2016 General Rate Case

SDCAN filed 60+ pages of expert testimony in SDG&E’s 2016TY General Rate Case application  (A. 14-11-003).   You can read all about this testimony and a summary of its findings at this page dedicated to the discussion of that case.

2012 General Rate Case

During the second half of 2012,  SDCAN presented testimony and filed briefs in A. 11-10-002 before the Public Utilities Commission.    Attached are the testimonies and briefs submitted by SDCAN.    A final decision is expected in mid-2013.     The expert testimony of JBS Energy can be found by clicking here: SDCANSDG&EPh II Testimony – RASS Errata.

The MRW expert testimony can be found by clicking here: SDCANPhase2testimony-MRW

The SDCAN Opening Brief summarizing the controversial matters can be found by clicking here:  SDCANopeningbrief-fnl

The SDCAN Reply Brief can be found by clicking here: SDCANreplybrief-fnl

On November 22nd, the PUC judges issued a proposed decision that adopted all of SDCAN’s recommendations.    SDCAN filed comments on the proposed decision:   SDCAN Comments on ALJs’ Proposed Decision

The Commission made a final decision in this long-delayed but important case and adopted all of SDCAN’s recommendations.