The Beatles: Get Back. Peter Jackson’s Love Letter to the World and the Fabs

Beginning in 2017, director Peter Jackson’s team of filmmakers commenced an odyssey to discover the Holy Grail of pop music.  Reviewing, restoring and upgrading 60 hours of 16mm of film and 150 hours of audio recordings was a Herculean task, in and of itself.  But Jackson and his corps did more than that.   They created … Read more

ANALYSIS: Climate Change Is Very Real and Very Sobering

Climate change isn’t coming……it’s here.    The signs are very real and very sobering. In just 2019 alone, here’s what scientists have documented: Arctic permafrost is melting at a rate that is far faster that we’d expected — 70 years early, in fact.   This matters because the organic-rich permafrost holds an estimated 1,500 billion tons … Read more

ANALYSIS: Drought In SoCal is a Matter of When, Not If

The megadrought is coming.  Scientists appear to be united in their assessment that changing climate patterns will hit the Southwest hard — including Southern California.  On July 24th, Columbia University cientists detailed their findings in the academic journal Science Advances.   And it is a sobering report:  due to global warming, the American Southwest is going … Read more

Go See Yesterday (movie) Today or Tomorrow

The movie critics (or at least, many of them) are wrong about Yesterday, the Richard Curtis-penned movie released in June 2019.   Yes, Yesterday features 15 songs written by The Beatles.   Yes, it is based upon a fantastical premise:  an alt-universe where only one middling musician remembers that the Beatles ever existed.   Yes, it stars a … Read more