I’m Sorry, but Stop Saying ‘I’m Sorry’

I’m sorry, but please stop saying I’m sorry.   Sorry is hurting people and relationships.  It should be banished from our language.  And I’m not sorry that I feel this way.  I’m not even sorry about all those lovely Canadians who, upon reading my words, are deeply horrified.   We love our famously apologetic cold-weather friends to … Read more

Dr. Who Easter Eggs in Good Omens

You needn’t be a Whovian to know that Dr. Who lore plays an outsized role in Amazon’s new series Good Omens.  You’d be entirely correct to conclude that there’s no coincidence int the fact that:  Good Omens author and showrunner Neil Gaiman wrote three Dr. Who episodes;  Actor Mark Gattis (playing a Nazi spy) wrote … Read more

A Dead Artist Comes Back to Life…..and will take a selfie with you.

If you never had a chance to see Salvador Dali in person, get ready for a surprise.   The larger-than-life surrealist artist died in 1989.   While his art has lived on, his unusual personna moved onto the great beyond.  But now, he’s back — thanks to advances in artificial intelligence technology.   And he’ll take your picture, … Read more

COOL IDEA: Repairing Our Frayed Social Fabric

If you read the news, surf on the Internet or just breathe, it is hard to miss the social fragmentation breaking down the American and global social fabric.  Distrust, polarization, alienation, racism and tribal incivility have crept into our politics, our civic institutions and our Internet culture.   NY Times columnist David Brooks and the Aspen … Read more

ANALYSIS: Our New Monopoly Era

Does it feel like you have fewer and fewer choices of companies providing essential services?  It’s not your imagination.  Consolidation of most all major services in the U.S. has been growing over the last 25 years.   In 2017, the U.S. set a new record for corporate consolidation.  Less than 5% percent of merger requests over … Read more