COOL TIP: The Little Corner Man In Your Android Phone

You can see him on the lower right hand corner of your Android screen.  And you’ll find him lurking in some other Android functions as well.   We call him Mr. Accessibility. He is Google’s icon for functions that permit magnification of content on your screen.   It is a function that comes in handy if you … Read more

COOL TIP: PC Matic is an Odd, but Oddly Effective, Virus and Malware Shield

PC Matic is an anti-virus, anti-malware, optimizing program that is unlikely any other — in a good way.   It relies upon a retro-marketing campaign, a funky old-fashion name and unusually reasonable price for a number of useful PC protection services.    It came to market in 2009 as a “comprehensive tool” to protect your computer.  … Read more

Home Wifi Mesh Networks – Worth the Effort?

Our simple answer:  Yes, in any home larger than 1000 sq. feet.   Mesh networks offer improved performance, better coverage and are the future of home wifi.   Moreover, they are coming down in price, so the premium that you pay is justified.   In addition to faster speeds, they are self-configuring and self-healing, so the reliability of … Read more

COOL TIP: Block Spam Text Messages on Android Phones

Spam text messages.  Ugh!  Spam phone calls were bad enough, but now the spammers seek to torture us with unauthorized text messages.   If you have a Pixel phone, you can use Call Screen to block unwanted calls (yay!).  But that lovely feature doesn’t work for unwanted texts.   However, there is a way to block unwanted … Read more

COOL TIP: Pixel Smartphone Turns Night into Day

Clear pictures in light so low that you can’t even see the object that you are shooting?  It’s hard to believe.  Yet there’s no denying what your eyes can (and can’t see) when it comes to Night Sight, Google’s latest smartphone camera innovation which literally turns night into day.   Amazingly, you can take pictures of what … Read more