COOL TIP: Block Spam Text Messages on Android Phones

Spam text messages.  Ugh!  Spam phone calls were bad enough, but now the spammers seek to torture us with unauthorized text messages.   If you have a Pixel phone, you can use Call Screen to block unwanted calls (yay!).  But that lovely feature doesn’t work for unwanted texts.   However, there is a way to block unwanted texts if you own an Android smart phone.   It’s available for both Hangouts (which is being phased out next year) as well as Android Messages.   Use it, don’t lose it.


Blocking Spam Texts With Hangouts

It takes five quick steps to block unwanted text messages in Hangouts:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Hangouts app .
  2. Open a Hangout conversation.
  3. Tap More –   People.
  4. Select the person to block  Block.
  5. Tap Block.

Blocking Spam Texts With Android Messages

It’s a bit easier with the Messages app.   It takes only four steps

  1. Open Android Messages
  2. Tap and hold on the conversation with the unwanted texts
  3. Tap on the Block icon (circle with a line through it)
  4. Tap OK on the pop-up message that appears.

And there you are.  Quick, relatively easy, no more spam texts from that particular sender.

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