Pixel Call Screen: Your Revenge Against Spam Calls

Are you getting nervous about answering calls on your mobile phones?  You should be.   Projections are that in 2019,  half of all incoming mobile calls are expected to be spam/scam calls.    The lackluster and largely unenforceable Do-Not-Call national registry has proven to be a failure.   But Google has just released a new app for all of … Read more

COOL TIP: Advance Warning of a SoCal Earthquake

If you live in Southern California, live under the reign of the Quake Gods.  At any time, they can express their displeasure with an earthquake.  Some of them have proven to be devastating.   Until recently, science was unable to anticipate earthquakes.  But Southern Californians can now possibly get some advance warning of any tremblor exceeding … Read more

Google Home Maxxed Out – Our Review

It’s the audio equivalent of a banana split — it’s got everything you’d possibly wish all-in-one delicious device.  But is it’s price tag worth it?   Ah, that’s the rub. So, first the good news.   The Google Home Max is technically priced at $399, but it won’t cost you that.  For early adopters,  Google throws in … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Forced Obsolescence of Smartphones

It used to be that you’d buy a smartphone based upon price and features.  But now there’s a new factor that you must put into your equation: forced obsolescence.  Increasingly, smartphone manufacturers are forcing consumers to buying new phones or mobile devices after two years — and they are doing it in the most unsavory … Read more