SCAM ALERT: Yeast Infection No More Is No Deal

Yeast Infection No More, allegedly authored by Linda Allen, is one of the more highly problematic Net offerings.  By our definition, they are scams and are disturbing examples of  how Internet marketers are trying to wrest money from unsuspecting consumers.   They claim to rid you of other Clickbank scams: they have some secret plan that rids you of a nagging chronic illness.  In this case, the illness is candida or “yeast” infections.   Notably, there are two different types of Candida. The first is an overgrowth of Candida in the gut, typically caused by the use of antibiotics, which can be dealt with by cutting out sugar and yeast.  There’s a ton of free information about this type of yeast infection.

The far more serious type of yeast infection is Systemic Candida, where the Candida, that is natural to the gut has escaped from the digestive system and is colonizing other organs, causing a whole myriad of symptoms.  And this is a serious matter that requires medical attention.  (it is often addressed with Lufenuron, which destroys the hard cell walls of mold and fungus, without affecting higher organisms, including us. However, Lufenuron only works against very few kinds of candida like i.e. the albican).   It turns out that Candida Overgrowth issues are largely signs of a gut imbalance.  Modern science has been learning lots of new things about the Gut — more on that below.

The troubling part about this particular scams is that it relies a marketing strategy in which it enlists an army of “marketing affiliates” who create the fake review websites that use terms like “scam” “does it work” and “review” to rope in unsuspecting consumers who think they are actually getting objective information.  Instead, they are getting fake info for which the affiliates will receive commissions .


There’s a dirty secret behind this affiliate marketing scheme:  nine times out of ten, these sites are supplemental sales sites created by marketers to make it as difficult for you to find actual complaints or warnings about the offers that they are pitching.    They are not independent.   They are not objective.   In fact, these new faux review sites are a new tactic in Internet shopping.  They are generally funded by marketers attempting to sell you overpriced or misleading information at premium prices.  These sites mostly follow the same format:   Product Description, Examination Record,  Review or Analysis, Site Preview,  Download button,  Pros and Disadvantages and Conclusion.   Many of them also have a Leave Page Pop-Up that makes it difficult to return to your Google search.   They come by a whole array of names, such as “Daily Scam Reviews“, “Review Tools” “Scam Review Today“, “ScamX”, “Queen’s Reviews” and other such sounding websites.  The vast majority of them are  little more than automated shills for these scam sites, designed to conceal real scam reports.   They are authored by professional fake review writing services or “reputation management” companies.   They pay these affiliates up to $35 for every referral because they believe they can upsell anyone who forks over the $39.97.

Yeast Infection No More relies heavily upon these fake review sites that claim to offer objection opinions, but don’t at all.  Better you should go to independent sites such as ContraHealthScam, CureZone, or even check out the reviews at Amazon.  By the way, 75% of the Amazon shoppers who bought this book on that site thought the eBook was worthless.

Another red flashing warning light is the absence of qualifications for the author, Linda Allen.  Who is Linda Allen?   According to the book, she’s a certified nutritionist and “famous” health consultant.  Yet, ContraHealthScam tried to track her down and couldn’t validate her identity.  However, it did find that some guy named Dr. Suneil Kumar is the “owner” of the Yeast Infection No More site.

suneil kumar doctor certified lean belly breakthrough scam

It turns out, Dr. Kumar exists but his identity has been hijacked by these marketers — repeatedly. Suneil Kumar has been used to put a doctor’s touch to scams like The 3-Week Diet, ED Miracle, Red Smoothie Detox Factor, Heartburn No More, and Pregnancy Miracle. All these scams are exposed here.

Our greatest concern — and one that you should share — is that these marketers are less interested in selling you this book and its information.  They are laser focused on upselling you are much as possible and making as much money from you as possible.   Their e-books are the bait to ensnare you.   If you must take that bait, so be it.   But attempt to avoid the other traps that lay await for you by unscrupulous marketers who apparently will bombard you with offers once you enter their realm.

As to useful — and free — information about Candida, we note that scientists armed with genetic analysis tools are now coming to a widely-accepted conclusion that the brain and the gut (the unique mix of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other bugs inside our gastrointestinal tract) are linked in water and nutrient absorption takes place in the gutprofound and surprising ways.   In fact, your gut may be one of the most important biological systems your body. Scientists pretty much agree that the thousands upon thousands of different strains of bacteria in your intestines are essential to your well-being.  Gut bacteria are connected to cancer, autoimmune problems, intestinal bowel disorders, and more.

The human microbiota is an integral part of our bodies, especially our immune systems. And it is not just gut bacteria, there are bacteria on our skin and in our respiratory tract that are also important for our health.  Gut flora, consists of a complex community of bacteria and microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans and animals. In addition to suspected disease related events, theories are being floated that gut microbiomes can influence behavior, mood, fitness and a variety of other functionalities.

It is turning out that the digestive tract, from the esophagus to the stomach and intestines and down to the rectum, functions less like a simple machine and more like a complex ecosystem. Many scientists have even taken to calling the gut and its microbiome “the second brain” and the legion of microbes that live there “the hidden organ.”  Doctors are learning more and more about the health of the gut and how it affects so many other bodily functions.   For this reason, a Candida overgrowth may be a symptom of other problems within the gut microbiome.

OUR RECOMMENDATION:   There is lots of free and accurate info on the net. Do a search for Systemic Candida and/or Lufenuron.  The WholeHealthChicago website has lots of free and useful information about “Candida Overgrowth”.  Another useful  FAQ can be found at  And the Mayo Clinic has lots of free information about Candida — as well as analysis of so-called cleanses that supposedly get rid of Candida.   Again, these are all free — which is about $40 less than what you’d be paying the marketers trying to sell you Yeast Infection No More.   And if you find you are suffering from Systemic Candida, we urge that you consult with your doctor.

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