mattressYou’ve owned your spring-constructed mattress for a few years and it is beginning to sag.   “No worries,” you think to yourself.  You are comforted by the 20-year warranty that came with the mattress — but don’t be so sure.   There’s a dirty little secret out clause dwelling within those mind-bending 20- or 25-year warranties like blood sucking bed bugs. If there’s a stain the size of a dust mite anywhere on the mattress, you’re out of luck.  A mattress warranty  covers structural defects but not long-term comfort. That impressive warranty may be worth less than the paper upon which it is printed.

We’ve documented this irritating mattress policy for Simmons, Serta and Sealy, but appears most of the mattress companies in this country have been taking advantage of consumers for years… ignoring their valid complaints of defective beds. The companies use such excuses as, “there is a small stain on the bed and that voids the warranty, it makes it unsanitary for us to take the bed back”.   It turns out that the warranty is more of an illusory selling tool for a lot of stores.  If there’s a structural defect  (usually considered a sag of 1.5 inches or more) a dime-size water stain could ruin everything.

Here’s the really galling part:   If the bed is defective and since it is used, it is Federal law that a used bed CANNOT be re-sold if it is taken back as a defective bed. This is little more than a ploy that the mattress companies use to get out from honoring the warranties on their beds to consumers.    An even more nightmarish part of this scam is that the manufacturers will charge you $50 or more just to hire an “inspector” who will search for any possible stain, blemish or discoloration that the manufacturer’s use to void their commitment to replace the mattress.   That’s right — you pay for someone who serves the manufacturer, not your own interests.

If you have purchased a bed that you now believe is a defective bed, whether it be a Simmons, Serta, Sealy, or other brand and you have been given bogus reasons by the manufacturer NOT to honor the warranty, don’t take it lying down.   Let us know and let’s see if we can change this sleep-disturbing policy.   In the meantime, if you haven’t yet purchased a protective mattress cover for your spring mattress, you may want to consider it.  You’ll probably sleep better knowing that you’ve not given the manufacturer and easy out of its warranty commitment.