SCAM ALERT: Cinderella Solution Scam Will Create New Problems

What would you do if you meet a new person and the first thing they tell you is clearly a lie? You’d likely runaway. Well, pretty much the first thing that the Cinderella Solution tells you is a lie: its creator Carly Donovan doesn’t own a fitness studio.  And that’s not the only lie to which you’ll be subjected.  Our advice:  runaway!

The Cinderella Solution weight loss scheme claims that Carly Donovan, owner of a fitness center, authored “two-step” process will help you lose massive amounts of fat.   In fact, this faux-diet plan is crafted by Internet marketers looking to make your wallet lighter….not your body.   The target of these unscrupulous marketers is young women who are insecure about their bodies.   As you’ll read below, you are all getting played by clever, but greedy, marketers.  And, as you’ll learn below, there is likely no Carly Donovan, there is definitely no fitness center, most of the testimonials are fake and the promised weight loss is unlikely to happen.   What will happen is that you’ll be at least $37 poorer and will continue to be targeted for yet more diet scams.

In addition to the Cinderella Solution, recent Net offerings include Fat ObliteratorVenus Factor Weight Loss, Trouble Spot NutritionFat DiminisherThe Truth About Cellulite, Pound Melter and the Weight Destroyer, just to name a few.  Their slick websites ask for the “low price” of $35-39.95 for what appears to be an ebook or a “program” that “guarantees” weight loss.  This is a textbook version of the numerous other $39.95 infoscams that have infected the Web over the last three years.  The Cinderella Solution has opted to charge $37….which is pretty standard. (although if you refuse that offer, they’ll also sell the same “system” for $27).

Here’s how it works:  you are treated to a videomercial that touts the “proven way to lose weight;  many of them are targeted specifically at women.   Is it a scam?   Is it a rip-off?  Does it work?   You’ll never find out, largely because of an increasingly pernicious Internet industry that uses fake product review sites to hide customer reactions.   You’ll also never be able to find out about the credentials of the authors — none apparently exist on the Internet, nor are they provided at his own alleged web site.    So, should you spend the $37?   We recommend not, for the following reasons:

1.  There’s a reason this sales pitch is slick — they spend a lot of marketing money to get it to you.   Who is paying for that?  You are.   And, like many scammers, they are using Clickbank to sell their ebook so don’t assume you’ll get a refund.  “Rock solid guarantee”…..don’t bet on it.   The scammers bet on the fact that most consumers won’t seek refunds until after the 60-day period expires.   In fact, they count on it.

2.  If you look for a review of the product, you are deluged with lots of fake review or “scam” sites that simply direct you to the main sales site or offer some officious pablum talking about how the product is highly rated or recommended.   The marketers for this service pay 75% commission for any referrals they generate.   So these “affiliate marketers” create create fake review sites which effectively thwart any customer who is looking for real reviews.   It is also a tactic to obscure any customers who have posted complaints or alerts about fraudulent claims.  This affiliate marketing trick makes it very difficult for consumers to detect this and other such scams,  As one persevering blogger has noted, scam artists rely upon these fraudulent reviewers to be using tags like:  “does it work?”, “is it a scam?” or “verified review” to suck unsuspecting consumers into this fraud.    In the case of the Cinderella Solution, they are offering affiliate marketers the standard 75%, meaning of the $37 you fork over to these fraudsters, they paid $33 to the affiliate website that promoted this scheme.


3.  In the case of the Cinderella Solution, the alleged author is allegedly a woman named Carly Donovan.   They even have pictures of her and some of the affiliate marketers claim that Ms. Donovan is the owner of a fitness center called Pound Transformations.   Google searches for either Ms. Donovan and her so-called fitness center turn up nothing.  There’s no evidence that Ms. Donovan actually exists and there are no photos of her posted in online search engines.  Cleverly, the websites hawking the Cinderella Solution   offer no qualifications or credentials about the author.   Moreover, many of the pictures posted on the website are stock photos purchased from online graphics companies.

4.  There are no specific details about the weight-loss regimen, other than that it offers information on “flavor pairing” and “meal plans”.  It alludes to a “diet-free solution that re-wires and re-awakens your Scientifically-Proven 22-hour-a-day weight loss magnification systems” yet provides no other details.    It supposedly works by balancing and stabilizing the activities of ‘your 3 “Queen Beauty” and Youth Hormones insulin, cortisol and estrogen.

Her science is all wrong! First off, insulin is a fat storage hormone, not a ‘skinny hormone’. Second, she confuses cortisol with serotonin as the  ‘the happy hormone’.  Finally, she offers no scientific support for her claim that ‘the female metabolism is hardwired to fail after 20 years-old’ is blatantly false.  That’s because her facts are wrong:  metabolism failure for people under 50 is the result of a disease and not aging.

This Solution is A Marketing Scam, and Nothing More

You’ll never get any specifics about the plan, because there really isn’t a diet plan as much as a marketing plan.   Check out how these marketers explain their program to affiliates:  it’s all about upselling and getting more money out of their “marks”.

So once you send your hard-earned money to “Carly Donovan”, you become ensnared in a sophisticated marketing scam designed to wring more money out of you using empty and vague promises.   They claim that 68% of their customers will be “upsold” to buy even more useless things.

Free Alternatives to the Cinderella Solution Scam

Perhaps most importantly, there is an abundance of free or low-cost diets available on line.  Sadly, most all of them don’t work.  Fad diets been around for so long that we lose weight just calculating all of the weight loss schemes out there.    They are all appealing because they make it look as though others have succeeded.   But be aware that the only fat that melts away is whatever surplus existed in your checking account.  In fact, fad diets that promise dramatic results often can be dangerous.   Please know that no matter how well-intentioned you are, without a commitment to exercise and substantial lifestyle changes, you likely won’t succeed in maintaining any weight loss.  And if you have that commitment or will-power, then just about ANY diet will succeed.   You don’t have to pay $40 for the information.    Begin by going to this free and reputable website and then follow-up with your doctor to make sure that the diet you’ve chosen will work for you.    Another way is to use a high-protein diet or meal replacements;  that’s one of the reasons why the Paleo Diet has proven so effective.

Another is through gradual weight-loss plans that change your lifestyle, and not just your calories.  Perhaps most importantly, these are free or low-cost diets available on line.  Please know that no matter how well-intentioned you are, without a commitment to exercise and substantial lifestyle changes, you likely won’t succeed in maintaining any weight loss.  And if you have that commitment or will-power, then just about ANY diet will succeed.   You don’t have to pay $37 for the information.    Begin by going to the Mayo Clinic’s free and reputable website.  The medical experts at the Clinic have fashioned a thoughtful and time-tested plan that has worked for untold numbers of people.  Then follow-up with your doctor to make sure that the diet you’ve chosen will work for you.

Here are some additional free and reputable dieting and weight-loss resources for you on the Net:

Smart for Life

Livestrong Diet –  Aims for a loss of about 1-2 pounds per week.

GM Diet  –  It’s not really a General Motors-designed diet plan.  It’s actually a short one-week detox program.   But it could be a useful starter to a major personal diet reboot.  Linora Low gives a helpful (and free)  step-by-step video and written guide to how to do this detox program.

The Lose Weight Diet –  It does what many of the diet scammers do (take free  information and distill it down to 3 easily understood phases) but he actually offers it for free!

Our bottom line: you don’t have to spend $37 to get information about how to lose weight. And beware ANY Net-based sales pitch that has uncredentialed, slick video presentations with no independent reviews. It may not be a scam, but it is probably a rip-off because it is overpriced for what it is offering.   In this case, there’s lots of good diet information in the marketplace offered at a fraction of the cost of most weight loss schemes.  Save your hard-earned money.

One additional warning:  once you give them your money, you’ll be tagged as “meat”.  Once they know that you’ll fall for this pitch, the same marketers will be coming back to you over and over and over for other such pitches.  So understand that if you pay these marketers anything….let alone $40…..they’ll continue to hound you with more slick schemes designed to prey on your fears and concerns.  Don’t open your door or wallet to them.

63 replies
  1. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    I did know this was a scam and did not pay out any money but I just hate the way these ads promise the world and play on our sadness and insecurities.

    This was the only site I could find, actually exposing these ‘fads’ as scams.

    It’s a sad world we live in.

    • Claudine
      Claudine says:

      Yes like me it’s the only site that I was able to find (real review) for this particular program, no wonder we are so confused. I was hoping that I finally found something good, but looks like not. Thanks for exposing them.

      • mshames
        mshames says:

        Regarding the refund rate statistic that you cite — please identify the source of the 4%. We have been unable to verify the fact that you assert in your reply to Tracy.

      • donna
        donna says:

        I was stupid and ordered the lean greens. It is vile and undrinkable. I tried to get a refund. So far, they are telling me if I pay money to ship it back to them they will refund for 2 bottles only and they have to be unopened when they advertised they would refund 100% even or empty bottles. Not sure if I should spend the postage as it is looking unlikely that I will get my money back. I’m thinking of just notifying the FBI of an internet scam

        • Ariana Monaghan
          Ariana Monaghan says:

          Can someone please tell me how to cancel my membership with them? I’ve been trying for a week and still getting charged

          • mshames
            mshames says:

            You should be able to contact Clickbank and get it done quickly. If not, contact your credit card issuer and contest the charge as unauthorized.

    • thom
      thom says:

      For those of you looking for a refund you need to contact clickbank. Also, if a product gets too many refunds clickbank will actually pull that product from their website so the publisher (cinderella solutions) can no longer sell their product through clickbank. Clickbank are actually a legitmate company been around for a long time just keep pushing for your refund! Alos, if you used pay pal just cancel recurring payments in paypal so they keep taking money from you and raise a dispute with paypal – hope that helps.

      • Andrea
        Andrea says:

        I’m sorry to disappoint everyone, but It works for me. I lost 15 pounds in 2.5 months and I take 3 cheat meals every weekend. I usually loose 3-4 lbs total and I’m not hungry during the day.

        I paid the minimum fee for the program, bought the Green Solutions and I like it. If you’ve ever tried products like Green + on the market, the taste is similar (from my memory). Since I find the taste too sweet (don’t have a very sweet tooth) I out less and I drink it hot.

        And btw, I’m not a marketer. I’m a simple gal living in Montreal/Canada.

        • Laura
          Laura says:

          I ordered this product they took the money from my account but have never received an email or anything guess I will have to cancel it somehow!


      I did sign up and its a fraud. I ordered the matcha green vanilla drink for $189.87 and have never received it and now fighting to get my money back! stay away from this company PLEASE!!!!

  2. Sha
    Sha says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I wish I read this before watching the hour long infomercial but at least I didn’t buy anything. They are spamming Instagram with this infomercial right now.

    • Sara Laigaard
      Sara Laigaard says:

      I came across the commercial on Instagram as well. But I am SO thankful I paused after watching it and did a search! This page though, was quite an eye opener! Thank you.

  3. joy
    joy says:

    I was researching different items on Clickbank I came across several of these types of sites that use the same I had a disease (too fat, diabetes, etc), I researched the disease and found a 1000 year old secret that no one talks about and it saved my life and now I’m a supermodel model. They use a flashing video and scare tactics to get you to purchase a very basic product. I purchased the Cinderella solution to see what it was about and seriously I don’t understand how people can think that just switching how you eat proteins and fats together is really going to help. They also get you to set up a recurring coaching fee, and try to get you to buy 100’s of dollars worth of protein powder. Granted the protein powder is probably fine, but if Cindy isn’t a real person who is the person claiming to be her doing the coaching? I canceled my purchase after reading your article which supports my suspicions. Thank you.

      • mshames
        mshames says:

        You should be able to cancel within 60 days using Clickbank, assuming you purchased the program using this portal. The other option is contesting the purchase via your credit card issuer.

  4. Tony
    Tony says:

    As a personal trainer that has showcased the mentioned diet I’ve actually heard of 40 success stories to myself personally, my YouTube with the same name that reviews Cinderella solution, and my Pinterest account. Diets aren’t”scams” because you may lack willpower and don’t want it enough. Tt’s a lifestyle adjustment, those with willpower reap the benefits of. No diet will shed 80 pounds in a week, but dedication and hard work will always prevail if you put in the work!

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      This commenter misses the big problem with the Cinderella Solution. No one disputes that just about any improvement in eating habits combined with increased exercise will result in weight-loss and healthfulness. The problem is that these marketers are charging consumers $37 (and more in upselling) for bogus medical theories. We’ve pointed out that most of the legitimate diet advice is available on the Internet for free. Apparently, Tony never bothered reading the article.

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      Be sure that you downloaded the materials. They don’t send anything by mail — you are invited to download the ebooks when you tender your $37.

  5. Pam Sinsheimer
    Pam Sinsheimer says:

    So I ordered this program and have been following it for 2 weeks and 3 days. I have lost 16 pounds and feel healthier then I have in years. As usual, I didn’t think to check it out to see if it was a scam. I told a friend about it and she sent me this link. They do screen what you say on the coaching site. But I’m kinda thinking something is fishy because when I went back to download the dessert recipe book it said the site was not available. I posted to the coaching site to ask what was up but never received a reply on that. Have you found out who the woman is in the video?

    • Jackie
      Jackie says:

      I ordered it also – paid $27. I haven’t read it yet so I haven’t started. I do know that many moons ago Suzanne Sommers started promoting this same type of thing. That it mattered what you ate with what and what order you ate it in. I see at age 70 she is still very thin. I see also up above there, this blog discounting what they said about Cortisol. But I disagree with this blogger about the Cortisol. While it is not the “feel good” hormone, your body “steals” the “ingredients” it needs from ingredients for the other hormones to make Cortisol (if it is high), so if your Cortisol is high (stress can cause this), your feel good hormones like Seratonin and GABA are usually off because you can’t make enough. There are feedback systems on these hormones also that shut things on and off like glutamate in the brain. And these – (GABA and Seratonin) – are some of the calming and feel good. hormones. So in my “medical person” opinion the cinderella solution’s claim about Cortisol is probably true although it is by a secondary issue. I have NO idea if this is a scam, but my daughter spends $20 a month for Weight Watchers so for $27 to try this, I’ll risk a scam! LOL! Not only that – medical people don’t always like things a little out of the ordinary even though they work, so things get labeled as a scam and/or Naturopaths get labeled as quacks when sometimes something a little odd actually works. But that is beginning to change. I had a Dr. on staff in our local emergency room recommend colloidal silver for my daughter. Amazing!

      • Stephanie Gilyard
        Stephanie Gilyard says:

        I totally agree with a lot of what you said. Lots of the stuff that might actually help us lose weight, and keep it off, the FDA doesn’t want us to know. I believe people do sometimes experiment and find break throughs. Of course not all, but some do. I say $27 is worth a shot. I can easily spend that on a meal lol.

  6. Annabelle
    Annabelle says:

    My friend just sent me a video of them talking about this and I’m scared they’re getting scammed. They’re not really doing it much as a way to lose weight as much as they’re marketing for them because they need the money. I want to encourage them looking for work, they’ve had lots of trouble with it in the past, but I don’t want to make them feel like I’m shutting them down. I’m dropping some “watch out for pyramid schemes” but I don’t want to be pushy. I hope they didn’t drop money on this yet but if they’re advertising for them they probably already have sadly.

  7. Annie
    Annie says:

    I have been using the Cinderella solution since the middle of August . I started with the accelerate which was three weeks long and I kept going on accelerate and now I’m switching to the ignite portion. I have lost two sizes.
    I am in healthcare and what she is saying is truthful but you have to know when you buy things what to look for you have to look and beware of scammers and you also have to know that throughout someone’s hour long presentation they’re going to try to sell you everything else it’s just like buying from a door-to-door salesman … kind a like Kirby vacuum cleaners !
    And oh by the way you can buy her a book .. in paperback at Target for $16.99.
    I wish everyone the best and whatever journey they are taking thank you .

  8. alicia
    alicia says:

    Hahahha so funny talking about scam ads on a blog and the marketeers behind it. But let them advertise about the same products on your own site. And by coincidence the sites that you recommend are also selling something or full of scammy advertising. People watch out with those blogs. They are not so well-meant as you might be thinking. Think before believing anyone!!!

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      That’s actually a valid point, Alicia. We try hard to control who and what advertises on the SDCAN site. It’s a constant struggle with Google Ads. We’ve blocked well over 100 ads because of concerns that they are the wrong-doers that we call out. Yet, they keep sneaking ads onto our page but slightly changing their names or other small details. We appreciate you bringing this up and encourage all of this site’s users to be wary of any of the ads that might pop up on any website. They are not necessarily endorsed by the website itself.

    MARILYN WORD says:

    I ordered the Cinderella Solution and paid the $37 dollars for it and downloaded the program and everything, but when I found out that it was just a whole lot of on-line reading which I did not desire to do, in the next few minutes on the same day I ordered it, I requested a refund and was sent a refund receipt by email saying that my money had been refunded but I never received my $37 dollars back, and probably never will. I wish I had seen this information before I spent the money.

    • Roseanne Katrice Appleby
      Roseanne Katrice Appleby says:

      This breaks me heart. Women misled into thinking they have finally found the weight loss of their dreams when in fact, they are scammed. I watched that commercial for about an hour emailed the info to myself because I don’t yet have the money for something like it… Glad I saw this. What I maybe can offer to this discussion is that I lived inand near Tokyo for 3.5 years. And yes, its easy to stay slim on a Japanese diet (came back to UK and put on a few stone afterwards!) however I put it more down to the traditional Japanese diet; very simple and unprocessed. They have lots of little pickled veggies and when they do deep friend food, It is in small portions surrounded by a lot of veggie/seaweed ie type of things/spring onions and rice. In UK we go all out for friend food and make the whole meal greasy! They don’t use much dairy either and eat tiny portions which for me as a westerner was always too small when I tried to do as my colleagues did and stick to filling one tiny bento box. Elementary schools have nutritionists planning the meals. It is a culture where children are not raised on sweets and chocolate but on miso soup, rice and lots of green stuff in tiny quantities and much variety…. I think I’ll just stick to eating food that goes throgh minimal process and make the cakes and biccies an occasional treat… WW is working for me sufficiently. Thank you

  10. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I ordered the $37 program, as well as the lean greens solution (that is supposed to be wonderful tasting). That was the nastiest stuff I have ever tasted and could not make myself drink that on a daily basis. I called Clickbank twice. Both times, they told me to contact, and that I should hear something back within 24-48 hours. It’s been over a week, now, and I have heard nothing. There is no contact number listed anywhere either. This is a SCAM! They need to be shut down.

  11. Stacy
    Stacy says:

    I just watched the video…which I came across on Facebook…and I did decide to order it to try it out…but it said that I would have immediate access to it after payment and I do not…they asked for email and shipping address but I have received no email from them…and there was no option to download anything after my purchase… I had googled trying to find their customer service number because supposedly with purchase you were supposed to have access to 24 hour customer service…but it never gave the number…but I have been unable to locate a customer service number for them…that is actually how I came across this when I was searching for that though…luckily though any online purchases I make are through PayPal now for that reason because I had an issue one other time with an online purchase through a website and PayPal insures any purchase you make…so all I have to do is contact them and they will cancel the payment I’m sure.

  12. Cg
    Cg says:

    Well the goal is to make woman 25+ lose weight so you can call it a scam if someone follows it and has not lose weight. Its not because there are proposing the product through AFFILIATE that its a scam.

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      Here’s the point that you may be missing. Our issue isn’t with affiliate marketing. Our issue is with how affiliate marketers try to deceive consumers. In most cases, they hold themselves out as “reviewers” and “objective” analyzers of the product. Yet, they are simply shills pushing a product for which they are paid handsomely. That’s the scam. And that’s why we recommend that consumers place little weight on such sites.

  13. Barbara Basham
    Barbara Basham says:

    I did not order this product and cannot find a number to call to cancel and get a refund. Can you help? I contacted click bank , but cannot reach cinderellasolution for them to stop the subscription.

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      If you did not order the Cinderella Solution and Clickbank will not refund your money, you likely should contact your credit card issuer and dispute the charge on the basis that it was not authorized.  Trying to contact Cinderella Solutions directly will prove to be difficult but you can try at this link: you ordered the product you should have received some receipt email from either Clickbank or Cinderella Solution.Hope this helps. 

  14. Missy
    Missy says:

    I was going to order this, because I am desperate to lose the weight I have gained. I have gone from 123lbs – 199lbs and can not seem to get rid of it. I too have joined a gym and did not see any weight loss, and had to fight to get rid of the membership. I have counted calories, I snack on fruits and vegetables, watch how much sweets I eat and still cannot lose the weight. If anyone out there knows of away to shed the fat I am pleading to let me know.

  15. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this article. I have seen a lot of advertisement around Cinderella Solution so naturally I was drawn to it. I think I will keep my money in my wallet on this one.

    I am not much of a gym goer and prefer to workout at home because it’s private and is a time saver over going to a gym.
    I have done a couple of beachbody workouts like PiYo, but have not tried the on demand service. I like that it’s from a reputable company, but I don’t know if I am ready for a subscription service. Does anyone know if this kind of thing might be a better alternative to something like Cinderella?

    Thanks again for exposing this scam.

  16. Dr. Walter, phd.
    Dr. Walter, phd. says:

    Missy, My name is Dr. Walter Whitfield. I have over 40 years experience in the field of wholistic health and nutrition. I work more as a consultant now. You have a biochemical imbalance.

    Fortify your commitment to your self!! Get to your doctor and tell them to check your hormonal levels. Specifically those which control the Pituitary and the thyroid glands. There are two different tests. Tell the doctor to order them both! This will give you a starting point. The human body is a biochemical machine. It works from the inside out.

  17. Barbara Mead
    Barbara Mead says:

    I ma sorry that you all have been or felt cheated. But I for one am doing the program and it is . working for me. $37 dollars is a small price to pay for a program. Other weight loss programs want lots more and monthly payments too. You don’t have to buy her products. Go to any health store and buy your own. The thing that I really love is that I am eatin healthier plus I have no craving for sweets, etc. So I feel sorry for those of you who find this a scam because I for one do not.

  18. Mary Ann Andrews
    Mary Ann Andrews says:

    I’d just left a message asking for help in canceling this scam. Afterwards I found a message on another site. To cancel call ClickBank at 800-390-6035. They refunded my money and cancelled future payments. They were really very helpful. Admin, please post this to help others. Best of luck to you all.

  19. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Carly Donovan Taylor-Scott is real. She just didn’t really used to be overweight. I highly doubt she almost died.

    She was pregnant once, per her Facebook account, but her pictures aren’t private and you can trace way back and she’s never been heavy or had a weight problem.

    She and her husband, Merrick Taylor-Scott, are very wealthy and appear to be some sort of fitness or online coaching gurus or they’re just very successful at peddling different products. Her husband even has a public post asking about ClickBank and Facebook funneling. Not sure why you’d want your research in scamming people to be so public. Weird.

  20. Tanja
    Tanja says:

    I have never opened a page canceled and keep getting charged ..hundreds how can I stop them .??? Pay pal was used .rip off bad.

  21. Orphee Myspa Myriams
    Orphee Myspa Myriams says:

    Thank you for this article, I like to read everything that concerns health especially when it is about a product that allows losing weight.



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