SCAM ALERT: AlphaTest X is Execrable

What would you do if you meet a new person and the first thing they tell you is clearly a lie? You’d likely runaway. Well, pretty much the first thing that AlphaTest X tells you is a lie: its not touted by actor Tom Selleck or Dr. Phil.  And that’s not the only lie to which you’ll be subjected. Our advice: runaway!

Pity the poor person who has stumbled upon this bogus AlphaTest X erectile dysfunction ad.  It falsely touts support by actor Tom Selleck and Dr. Phil as an alternative to Viagra.   It then falsely claims that its “proprietary” formula of herbs outperforms other ED drugs.   It asks for a bunch of your personal information in order to get a “free 30-day supply”.

This Internet scam is almost a carbon copy of numerous other bogus ED offerings on the Net. They come and go, but all of them rip off your money and personal information and offer only a bottle of useless, or dangerous, herbs.  Our advice:  DON’T FALL FOR IT.

What is Alpha Test X?

It’s a scam.  Here’s why we say this.   First, it claims to include “powerful ingredients” such as Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto and Ginko Biloba.   These so-called ingredients are dubious medicinal herbs BUT they aren’t in this worthless drug.   The Alpha Test X actual ingredients are located on a different page:

This blend is an almost carbon copy of a bunch of other bogus ED herbal remedies that pop-up and then disappear every few years.  The major ingredients are:

  1. Arginine – an amino acid which promotes the production of nitric acid. According to WebMD, studies show that it might ease the symptoms of angina and peripheral arterial disease. It might also help with ED, but mostly when combined with other supplements such as pine bark extract is said to cause blood to flow into your penis, leading to an erection, but only at dangerously high doses.  Notably, there’s no pine bark extract in AlphaTest
  2. Maca – A ‘rare folk medicine’ that allegedly boosts semen volume and enhances libido. Yet, Current Sexual Health Reports concluded “there is no strong medical evidence to support its use for sexual dysfunction.
  3. Ginseng –  A large group of herbs that allegedly assist the body in processing oxygen,but also come with dangerous health effects.  Notably, they don’t specify which of the ginseng herbs are included in this blend.

Check out the following other scam ED remedies that have showed up on the web.  They are almost identical in their formulation and their ineffectiveness:

  1. Penetrex
  2. Blackcore Edge
  3. Raging Lion
  4. Testo Vital
  5. Raw Power
  6. Fierce
  7. Cianix
  8. Zyalix

The Free Trial Is Not Free

Peruse the terms and conditions hidden away on the website and you’ll find that you are locking yourself into a deal from which it will be exceedingly difficult to escape.   Check out this language before you agree to sign up:

That’s right.  Once you give them your credit card, you are locked into a 30-day deal — and they never mention the price. Expect to pay $90 or more, every 30 days.   According to the terms they are imposing, you’ve got to cancel within 17 days in order to get out of the scam.  And, if you do try to cancel…..good luck.  They won’t tell you how to do it.



Even The Warning About Limited Supplies Is Bogus

Make sure you ignore that ‘WARNING’ on the top of the page on your way out.  It reads:  “WARNING: Due to extremely high media demand, there is limited supply of AlphaTestX in stock as of _______”

This is just an HTML-coded script designed to give you the impression that their product will soon sell out if you don’t buy it on the day you visited the site. That’s absolute nonsense. Come back to the site another day, and the message will still be there along with the date of that day. That’s a very cheap pressure tactic often employed by scammers to make their victims to hurry up and fall for their scam product.

Please save your hard-earned dollars and your personal information by avoiding this and other similar ED webscams.  They lie about their endorsements, their effectiveness and the terms by which you get your “free trial”.    If you’ve accidentally gotten ensnared by this, or similar, ED scams, check out our discussion here about how to extricate yourself from this scam trap.

8 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT: AlphaTest X is Execrable”

  1. Does anyone have contact information for this company? I reached out to Alpha Test, which is an electronics company. They gave me a number to contact for Alpha Test X because they get a lot of these calls but it, of course, is no longer working.

  2. I am embarrassed to say I fell for this scam. Once I saw the product I decided to return it for a refund. That was in April and I have yet to see one penny. When I called to inquire about it they said I had opened the product (which I didn’t) so I get no refund. I got pissed off, naturally, so they hung up on me. Almost $170 down the drain but at least there are no recurring payment. I hope somebody, anybody, fries like a cheap steak!

  3. I purchased both Alphatestx Male and Testo for my husband to try to help with low stamina, low sex drive, low energy levels etc. He took both pills as stated on the bottles for about 2 weeks. In this time he says now he could feel this massive rage building inside him. He originally thought maybe he just needed to get out of the house. Have some him time. One day 3 weeks ago 5-21-2019, the morning started out completely fine. We all went to breakfast and ran some errands. After we came home we were going to watch a movie, we went to the kitchen to get something to drink when he completely lost his temper over a few dishes in the sink. He proceeded to kick holes in doors, was screaming to the point that he was chocking himself while screaming. This is not his character at all. I have known him for almost 30 years. Because of this incident hes now awaiting sentencing on a bunch of bullshit charges and also faces 1 year of prison time in result of these charges. I know him and these behaviors are not him. After looking back and discussing it the only conclusion we can come too is that these pills were an aggravating factor of the amount of anger he had. TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY THERE WAS NO CHANGE IN HIS SEX DRIVE, LABIDO, OR STAMINA. NO POSITIVES ALL NEGATIVES.I SUGGEST NOT BUYING THESE PILLS UNTIL YOU SPEAK WITH A DR. All the reveiews I can find are not negative but from what I have seen no company is going to publish any negative reviews on the products they are trying to make MONEY off of. SO good for you guys for taking our money and being a direct cause of both mental and physical hardships on my family. I will be publishing this anywhere I can to get the word out. I will also contact the manufacturer directly to voice my concerns.

  4. I was just recently scammed by this. I cancelled in the allotted time so they charged me full price for the free samples. I turned it over to fraud. Dept. on my Barclays credit card. Barclays sided with the scammers. I ended my relationship with them and destroyed my card. Even the credit card company can’t protect you from this. So stay away from this scam.

  5. thanks for the warning. I actually trid to get the 1 week free supply using a gift/debit VISA card and it would not process my order. Now that I have read these “scam” warnings, I am glad it didn’t work!


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