COOL TIP: How To Resolve a Consumer Complaint

OK, so some business just pissed you off and wasted your time.  You want to get this company’s attention and resolve the problem.   However, you’ve found that this company sees you are just a $ sign — it has no great motivation to fix the problem.  So what do you do? Oddly enough, the answer … Read more

The Next Generation Volt is Voltalicious

We’ve been driving this car since the first generation Volts back in 2010. GM had made some major changes to the Volt in 2016, but the new and improved EV-hybrid didn’t quite catch on, given the historically low gas prices last year. However 2017 car buyers are starting to get a bit more excited about … Read more

Common Consumer Miscues Made by Millennials

The Huffington Post recently posted an article listing 9 frequent money mistakes made by people in their 20s or 30s.   It is entertaining and largely correct.  They include: Incurring too much education-loan debt Spent too much money fixing up a rented apartment Didn’t save enough or plan for retirement Over-relied upon Craigslist to make purchases … Read more