COOL TIP: How To Find A Senior Residence For Your Parents

It may be the most gut-wrenching decision you make in your lifetime: moving your parent out of their home and into a senior residence. This is the same parent who gave birth to you and cared for you through your terrible twos and terrorizing teens.  He or she is no longer able to care for … Read more

Fear Merchants Using Fright Messaging Target Seniors

As people age, they often become more fearful or paranoid.  Unsavory Internet marketers have figured that out that seniors can exploit this age-related vulnerability.   And they’re doing it with a vengeance. Studies indicate that those over 65 are 34 percent more likely to have lost money on a financial scam than people in their 40s, … Read more

San Diego: Food Delivery Services for Seniors

As you age, your body changes in lots of ways, including how you digest food.  For example, according to the National Institute for Heath, people over 50 will find that their bodies: produces less fluid necessary for digestion, making food absorption more difficult. B6 and B12 supplements along with folic acid helps to improve nutrient … Read more