The Baffling Case of the Elusive Shrimp: Is Labeling Meaningless?

Is a tiger shrimp a white shrimp or wild-caught or farmed or local or Chinese or what?    Or, as Hamlet once might have asked:  “To sea or not to sea?  Is that the question?”    It turns out that American consumers can’t be sure what kind of seafood they’re buying if they simply look at the … Read more

Dead Zones: Why Our Oceans Are Suffocating

Here’s a story that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.   As a result of global warming, agricultural run-off contamination and sewage dumping,  our oceans are losing their oxygen.  These oxygen-depleted spots in our oceans are also referred to as “dead zones,” where plants and animals struggle to survive.  The distressing news is that the size … Read more