SCAM ALERT: Inside Look at the Kachin Diabetes Solution Scam

What would you do if you meet a new person and the first thing they say is clearly a lie?  You’d likely runaway.  Well, pretty much the first thing that Kachin Diabetes Solution tells you is a lie:  its creator John Gootridge doesn’t exist.  Then it lies about all of the testimonials (hint: the people … Read more

SCAM ALERT: A Big No on Ryan Shelton’s NeuroFlo

NeuroFlo is an overpriced supplement marketed as a fix for diabetic neuropathy being sold by Nexus Formulas. In short, the promoters of this pill say it will strenghten the arteries of diabetes patients. For about $70, they’ll sell you a one-month supply (although a three month supply comes in at $39 per bottle….more about this … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Zenith Labs Shady Detox Supplements

Detox:  you constantly see it mentioned but what does it mean?  Actually — nothing;  it’s a nebulous term used by snake oil-salesmen to sell products cloaked in pseudoscientific babble on late night television and throughout the Internet.   Untold numbers of believers swear by detoxes and cleanses — a group that includes such celebrities as Dr. Oz, Donna … Read more

REVIEW: Beware Zoom Wellness’ Overpriced Products

Zoom Wellness is an Idaho-based health provider that claims to solve “health problems that mainstream methods have failed to do.”   It talks about providing unique “cutting edge” health solutions that allow everyone to live “life free from pain”.  In fact, it is a website created by a chiropractor and naturopath dedicated to selling medical products … Read more