SCAM ALERT: Eat The Fat Off Diet Falsely Touts Lipase-P Enzyme

“John Rowley” is back touting yet another diet.   The last one he was hawking was called E-Factor which tagged histamines as a food villain.   Now, Rowley is singing the praises of an enzyme he calls Lipase-P  (it is actually pancreatic lipase — an enzyme produced by your pancrease).   A diet based upon Lipase-P is the … Read more

SCAM ALERT: E-Factor Diet Shrinks Your Wallet

E-Factor Diet is a  so-called diet currently being peddled on the Internet.  Its slick website ask for the “low price” of $47 for what appears to be an ebook or a “program” that “guarantees” weight loss.  This is a textbook version of the numerous other  infoscams that have infected the Web over the last six years.  … Read more