COOL TIPS: PV Sings Here Comes the Sun

Increasing numbers of homeowners are installing photovoltaic (PV) arrays on their roofs in order to produce some or all of their own electricity.   The costs of solar power have dropped sufficiently that complete paybacks of this investment are dropping to as low as five years and, on average, about 7-8 years.  In another article, we … Read more

Protecting Your Personal Pictures

Alluring or sexy pictures are an essential part of the digital age.    Some among you may pooh-pooh such pictures, but they are going to be with us for as long as nice clothes, make-up, tanning and jewelry are part of our culture.   Nude or suggestive photos add spice and excitement to a courtship … Read more

OhmConnect: Scam or Legit?

Legit but disappointing.  Here’s the deal:  this company is an “energy aggregator” that makes money by helping customers respond to energy price swings.   In the energy industry, they call this “Demand Response”. The aggregator (OhmConnect) makes money by helping the utility avoid turning on a power plant and then passes along some of the … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Extended Warranties Are Just Plain Stupid

Stupid is a tough word, but this is a tough-love blog.  When you ponder purchasing an extended warranty or “protection plan” for some electronic gadget or appliance, just think “stupid”.   Don’t buy it!  It’s a sucker’s bett.  Extended warranties are insidious; The Journal of Consumer Research found that people are more likely to buy … Read more