Caveat ClickBank, ClickBetter and ClickSure: They’re not scams, but…

Our blog often deals with Internet scammers who are offering little of value for way too much money.    But there’s another thing that many Internet scams have in common: ClickBank , ClickBetter and ClickSure.   These two companies are affiliate-marketing network for digital products like eBooks, software and membership sites in different categories, handling credit … Read more

SCAM WATCH: Online Paid Survey Sites Hacks and Traps

Your “friend” recommends online paid survey sites as a side-gig to make some additional cash.   What that “friend” likely isn’t telling you is that you’ll be lucky to make much more than $2 per hour filling out surveys.  Worse yet, you’ll be repeatedly lied to and upsold.   And even worse, the only way to make … Read more

Disparity of Wealth: Recall Yellen’s October 2014 Speech on Income Inequality

The combined fortunes of the world’s 26 richest individuals reached $1.4 trillion last year — the same amount as the total wealth of the 3.8 billion poorest people.  That’s not a typo.  26 MEN control as much wealth as does half the fricking planet, says Oxfam, a respected international food distribution foundation. According to the … Read more

IN DEPTH: Should We Fear Big Brother, Big Data or Both?

Should you fear big brother or big data?  Or both?  Increasingly, industry observers have realized that the Internet has been taken over by giant data companies who have or will soon lose any regard for their customers.  Calls for regulation are getting louder.   The European Union and California have taken steps towards trying to protect … Read more

How is China Hurting America?

There have been numerous efforts to persuade U.S. consumers to “Buy American” and some even to boycott all products produced in China.    The boycott proponents often cite unsafe foods, melamine-tainted plates,  toxic toothpaste and other examples of shoddily-made consumer items.    Yet, China continues to be able to produce many, if not most, household goods at … Read more