IN-DEPTH: How Infoscammers Hijacked The Placebo Effect To Rip You Off

Fraud is prevalent on the Internet.  Scattered through the Net are Web-based infoscams that overcharge or steal your money for various cures, pain relievers and tonics.  Most all of them are selling diet schemes, supplements, pills, lotions, plans and other snake-oil remedies to many of the things that ail us: Diabetes Tinnitus Stomach ailments Obesity … Read more

Why Processed Foods Hurt You (and your family)

While our warning sounds extreme, it’s not.   Scientists are increasingly finding clues about why processed food intake is directly connected to obesity.   And they are also finding a clear link between processed foods and cancer, heart disease and diabetes.   The culprits:  sugar, unhealthy fats, reduced fiber, gums/stabilizers and salt.  Processed foods largely contain all of … Read more