ANALYSIS: To Buy or Not To Buy A Car?

To buy or not to buy — a car.  That is the question that U.S. consumers are increasingly asking themselves.   In the face of increasing car prices, insurance costs and gasoline price instability, any prospective car buyer needs to consider the alternatives to automobile ownership.   And there are a lot of feasible alternatives, not least of … Read more

IN DEPTH: Dump Your Second Car and Save A Bundle

Two car families are so 20th Century.   Move on, folks, this is the 21st century – the era of Mobility As A Service (a.k.a. Transportation As A Service or Cars-As-A-Service).   All of them are lousy acronyms, but they make compelling financial sense.   There’s no longer really a need for two dedicated family cars.  So save … Read more

Chevy Volt vs. Toyota Prime vs. Toyota Prius: And the winner is…………..

We’ve reported on the Chevy Volt — our favorite EV-hybrid — and the Toyota Prius.  However, this year, Toyota is taking on the Chevy Volt with its Prius Prime.    Like the Volt,  the Prime is a plug-in hybrid.  It competes with the Sonata Plug-In, Optima Plug-In, and Fusion Energi. On the horizon is the Hyundai … Read more