Imagine This: Owning One of the Largest Private Collections of John Lennon’s Art Work

We are looking for a guardian for one of the largest private collections of John Lennon’s artwork.   We’ve been collecting his artwork since 1981 and have amassed one of the largest private collections of his work.   Few, if any, of these fifteen authenticated lithographs are available for purchase.   And no collection of this size is available for purchase.    Imagine owning all fifteen of these works:

Back Off Bugaloo         76/300

Starting Over                 73/300

On Cloud Nine               250/300

Dream Power                166/300

Kangaroos Crossing      207/300

You are Here                   39/300

Remember Love                6/25

Land of Milk & Honey    210/300

United We Stand           204/300

Come Together             217/300

Happy Christmas           324/1000

The Hug (poster)           2448/5000

It’s Only Rock & Roll     102/300

City In My Heart            270/300

Happy Christmas (lyric)  324/1000

Borrowed Time (lyric)      85/1000

All of these lithographs have Certificates of Authentication signed by Yoko Ono.   View the Certificates here.   Individually, they are valued at over $47,200.    Collectively, they are even more valuable because most of these artworks are simply unavailable.

Don’t take our word for it.  Check it out at eBay. Or Herndon Fine Arts.   Or GoogleOr ArtBrokerage.comOr ArtNetOr PacificEdge Gallery.  None of these arthouses offer most of these lithographs because they simply aren’t available.  Until now!

Because of an impending move, we are forced to transfer guardianship of this curated collection to a worthy home or business.   We will accept any offer above $30,000, but price will not be the final arbiter.  We need to be assured that the collection will be preserved and well cared for.   So send your proposal now and in the Comment Box list both your offer and your plan to preserve and display these remarkable historic art pieces.   This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, so do not ask for individual art pieces or make garage-sale offers.  We’ve spent the better part of 40 years assembling this collection and want to ensure that these rare art pieces stay together.   Imagine these hanging in your home or office: