The Next Generation Volt is Voltalicious

We’ve been driving this car since the first generation Volts back in 2010. GM had made some major changes to the Volt in 2016, but the new and improved EV-hybrid didn’t quite catch on, given the historically low gas prices last year. However 2017 car buyers are starting to get a bit more excited about … Read more

Anatomy of a Total Loss Insurance Claim

Ever wonder how to handle a dispute with an auto insurance company that has declared your car a total loss?  The insurance company offers you a “settlement” that is far less than you think your car is worth. Your kids are complaining, your spouse is unhappy, your relatives are still a pain, things at work … Read more

Bumped: An American Airlines Horror Story

In the 1980s,  airlines began “bumping” passengers off of flights.   In response, federal regulators imposed stringent rules upon the airlines when passengers were subjected to this inconvenience.  The new rules reduced this practice, but as seen in the letter below, it hasn’t ended it.    A San Diego couple shared their American Airlines horror story with … Read more

Chevy Volt vs. Toyota Prime vs. Toyota Prius: And the winner is…………..

We’ve reported on the Chevy Volt — our favorite EV-hybrid — and the Toyota Prius.  However, this year, Toyota is taking on the Chevy Volt with its Prius Prime.    Like the Volt,  the Prime is a plug-in hybrid.  It competes with the Sonata Plug-In, Optima Plug-In, and Fusion Energi. On the horizon is the Hyundai … Read more