IN DEPTH: Dump Your Second Car and Save A Bundle

Two car families are so 20th Century.   Move on, folks, this is the 21st century – the era of Mobility As A Service (a.k.a. Transportation As A Service or Cars-As-A-Service).   All of them are lousy acronyms, but they make compelling financial sense.   There’s no longer really a need for two dedicated family cars.  So save … Read more

COOL TIPS: Your Rights As An Airline Passenger

You’ve got a lot more legal rights than you may think.  Think about it.  Flying in the United States has become an adventure…..and not a good kind of adventure.  As a passenger on American air carriers, you have more rights than you’d think. Bumped? Delayed? Baggage lost? You’ve got recourse! Short of bringing your own … Read more

Costa Rica Car Rental Traps and Tricks

If you need to rent a car while visit Costa Rica get ready for some bewildering insurance requirements.   You see, Costa Rican car rental companies offer super low rental prices for their cars……but they make their money on highly inflated insurance plans that, they insist, are required.   In fact, most of the insurance is not … Read more

The Next Generation Volt is Voltalicious

We’ve been driving this car since the first generation Volts back in 2010. GM had made some major changes to the Volt in 2016, but the new and improved EV-hybrid didn’t quite catch on, given the historically low gas prices last year. However 2017 car buyers are starting to get a bit more excited about … Read more