INSIGHT: U.S. Infrastructure Agenda MIA

In the midst of the Federal government’s needless shutdown drama, a thoughtful voice has gone largely unnoticed — it is a voice from the future asking where the U.S. is headed.   The voice is that of the Business Roundtable, an organization comprised of  CEOs of the nation’s top companies.  For the first time in quite … Read more

Why Disharmony? How Music Can Heal Divided Nations

Fact:  America is currently a socially polarized mess of a country.  Additional fact:  It’s not alone.  Britain, Australia, Austria, France, Spain, Germany and many other first-world democracies are deeply divided, politically flammable nations.  Trump, Farage, LePen and Kurz are political opportunists who have seized upon the anger fueled by growing inequality, a shrinking middle class, … Read more

Why Net Neutality Has Become A High-Profile Political Issue

Net Neutrality — it is the Internet policywonks’ battle cry for all that is fair and decent about the Internet.  And now, in light of President Obama’s request that the FCC “implement the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality” it has become a major political battlefield.   What happened? What happened is that the … Read more

Oreos More Addictive Than Cocaine!

It’s not just a hunch anymore.   The boffins have validated it: Oreos are more addictive than cocaine or morphine.   Actually, they are both addictive substances but because Oreos are cheaper and more accessible, they pose a greater addictive danger.   In a recent study by Connecticut College,  scientists conducted a lab study using rats to … Read more

Music for the Generations!

Almost everyone has an opinion about music — it is in our genes and imbues all of our lives.   In the past sixty years (three scores?), music has taken on an even greater presence in our lives thanks to Elvis, The Beatles, radio and the Internet.    Once in a while, old and new music merges to … Read more