How SDCAN Took On Bonner Publishing And Won!

Unsavory Internet marketers, like Bonner Publishing, work hard to stay under the radar, lest their questionable claims and practices become known to an unsuspecting public.  One of SDCAN’s prime directives is to direct the sanitizing spotlights on these unscrupulous marketers.   Towards that end, in 2016 we became aware of a marketing empire built by … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Fend off Fungus Fighting Fiends

Fungus Remover, Fungus Destroyer,  Fungus Terminator, Fungus Free Protocol, Fungus Key Pro and Toenail Fungus Cure are all scams.  Nasty, overpriced scams sold on the Internet.  Even worse, these are just a partial list of some of the Internet fungus we’ve exposed.   We call these sites infoscammers because they mostly follow the same template:   Product Description, Examination Record, … Read more

How Artists, Innovators and Creators Get Net Protection

What do App Developers, Artists & Graphic Designers, Bloggers & Journalists, Clothing Designers, Entrepreneurs, E-commerce Business People & Startups, Filmmakers & YouTube creators, Game Developers, Internet users & Smartphone users, Makers, Musicians, Non-Profits, Photographers, Scholars, Researchers, and Writers and Publishers all have in common?   The answer: legal rights unique to the content that they create.   Each of them … Read more

Naked Wines – Full Frontal Exposure

Internet-based wine sellers have prospered over the past 10 years, but none as much as Naked Wines.  This wine merchant has deployed a very clever marketing approach:  you aren’t buying wines as much as becoming a benefactor supporting promising winemakers.  The marketing approach borders on brilliant and the wines are largely priced between $10-20, making … Read more

The 21 Worst Scams on the Internet – 2015

Let’s not beat around the bush, here.   We love the Internet and how it is revolutionizing shopping  (among other things).   But, as with most of life, some of the best things also have a dark side and online scams are pretty dark.    They are designed to fool consumers into thinking they are getting something, when … Read more