ALERT: Mattress Warranty Stain Scam Uncovered

You’ve owned your spring-constructed mattress for a few years and it is beginning to sag.   “No worries,” you think to yourself.  You are comforted by the 20-year warranty that came with the mattress — but don’t be so sure.   There’s a dirty little secret out clause dwelling within those mind-bending 20- or 25-year … Read more

Don’t Rinse The Chicken!

What do you mean, don’t rinse the chicken? We’ve always been taught to rinse chicken or turkey before cooking,  haven’t we?  Well, actually, NO. The USDA has long recommended against washing poultry before cooking. And most hygienists will concur that rinsing raw chicken actually increases the possibility of food contamination.    Yet an estimated 90% of … Read more

The Impending Chanksgiving Crisis

In less than seven days, over 5 million American Jews and untold numbers of others hosting Jewish guests at their Thanksgiving dinner will need to reconcile an event that will not re-occur for another 77,000 years. Chanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day! Currently, the crisis has not been resolved. Experts have not been … Read more