Common Consumer Miscues Made by Millennials

The Huffington Post recently posted an article listing 9 frequent money mistakes made by people in their 20s or 30s.   It is entertaining and largely correct.  They include: Incurring too much education-loan debt Spent too much money fixing up a rented apartment Didn’t save enough or plan for retirement Over-relied upon Craigslist to make purchases … Read more

America’s Disturbing Wealth Gap

This muse is more of a lament.    It is no secret that America  (as with most western and emerging countries) are suffering from a disparity of income growth.   In the U.S.,  95% of income gains have gone to the top 1% of its citizens.   America’s median household income has dropped by more than $4,000 … Read more

Effective Consumer Complaint Tips

OK.   Some business just pissed you off and you want to express your dissatisfaction BUT you don’t want to waste your time on a useless gripe site or spinning your wheels with the company’s labyrinthian customer service maze.   How can you be effective in getting that company’s attention? You’d think the answer to this … Read more