Are Reverse Mortgages Safe for Seniors?

The question is complicated and the answer is even more complicated. In fact, reverse mortgages are complicated; they are likely the most complex financial transaction that you’ll enter into in your entire lifetime. While reverse mortgages can be a benefit for some homeowners, they are rarely beneficial to those individuals who are likely to enter … Read more

SCAM ALERT: Palm Beach $60,000 Social Security Scam exposed

The screaming headline reads:  “Last Chance: Claim $60,000 in Social Security.”   Warning: it’s a fraud.   The notorious Palm Beach Letter has been targeting seniors for years, hawking questionable and complicated investment schemes.  Its formula is from the classic scam playbooks:  take a smidgen of truth and then exaggerate it to a point where … Read more

USAA Insurance Stole Money from a Customer’s Bank Account…and Got Caught

Can an insurance company conspire with its banking affiliate to remove money from a customer’s bank account?   That was the question presented to SDCAN by a consumer who was subject to that illegal tactic.   In a dispute over an auto accident settlement, USAA Insurance removed money from a consumer’s USAA Bank checking account without her … Read more

Credit Reports and Scores — for FREE

So many companies offer “FREE” credit reports on the Internet and in mailings but are they really free?   NO.   There are so many scams or offers with strings attached to most offers that even a puppet would get frustrated.     Only one website is authorized to fill orders for the free annual credit report you are … Read more

Diamonds are a Cartel’s Best Friend

Diamonds.   They sparkle.   They tantalize.   They lie.   Yes, that’s right.  Diamonds are the most guileful gem on the market. I don’t trust them and you shouldn’t either. Yes, this is a bold condemnation of a girl’s best friend, but I’m sharing the awful truth because diamonds are no friend at all.  They are costly only … Read more