New 2024 California Renter Protections

Updates to the 2019 California Tenant Protection Act went into effect on April 1st of this year.  They enhance some of the previous protections for the state’s residential renters.  (see California Civil Code sections 1946.2 and 1947.12)   Here are the important upgrades that you should know about.

Rental Cap

  • Rent can go up 5% plus the local rate of inflation
  • But no more than 10% maximum in a 12-month period
  • It applies to most rental units built over 15 years ago
  • Security deposits are limited to one month’s rent, unless the unit is furnished

Just Cause

  • If unit is being renovated, the owner cannot compel eviction unless the renovation would make the unit uninhabitable.
  • If owner wants to move into the unit, the move must be made within 90 days and they must remain in the unit for 12 months
  • Limits on owner basing an eviction upon the desire to have a family member move into the unit.  Family members limited to immediate family of the owner.

Relocation Costs

  • If lease termination is not the fault of the renter, the owner is required to pay relocation expenses equal to one month’s rent

Mandatory Language

  • Every lease entered into after April 1, 2024 must contain language that clearly states that the tenancy is not subject to the “just cause” and rent increase limitations as specifically described in Civil Code Sections 1946.2(e)(8)(B)(i) and 1947.12(d)(5)(B)(i).
  • Landlord must provide 90 day written notice of any rent increase above 10%.


  • If the owner doesn’t comply with the law’s new requirements, the renter can bring a civil action in court and get real financial damages from the owner.

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