COOL CONSUMER TIP: Best Audio Smart Speaker Deal of 2020!

If you are in the market for a smart speaker, you may not find a better deal (although time-limited) than the Google Home Max speaker.   It is a damn good speaker that Google is likely discontinuing soon, as it slashed the price in half on November 22nd.  The Google Max speaker is now selling for $149.  And for your money you get one helluva good smart speaker.


The reviews on this speaker have been unanimously glowing.   It is big, it sounds beautiful and it is an almost essential accessory for anyone who uses Google Assistant and YouTube Music.   The specs are comparable to any top-of-the-line speaker.   Yet, the current sale price is about 50% lower than its competition.

It measures 33.5 x 18.7 x 15 cm and weighs almost 12 pounds, so it isn’t exactly portable.  Google added their own algorithms that allow the speaker to self-adjust its EQ depending on where you place it using six internal microphones. They call this feature Smart Sound and it adapts to the size and acoustics in whatever room it is placed.  An added bonus:  the Home Max’s far-field microphones are tuned to pick up your voice even when the Max is playing at top volume.

Unfortunately, Google ended this promotion in mid-December.  It has discontinued this speaker (although it will continue to support it).  But if you are in the market for a smart speaker for the Google ecosystem, the speaker is still available by third-party retailers and on Ebay.  At the $150 price range, it is still the best smart speaker value on the market.

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