If This Video Doesn’t Enrage You, Get To A Doctor NOW!

……because you may be dead.

Take a few minutes…or the full nine minutes… to watch the above video.  Know that George Floyd isn’t the only man treated with such impurnity.  If you don’t feel enraged,  then you need to take a deep look into your soul.  Your politics, religion, race or ethnicity are irrelevant.  If you aren’t feeling rage, you have lost sight of our core human essence.

And if you don’t find yourself saying aloud:  “That’s enough.  We can’t continue this way!”  then call someone you trust and ask;  “Am I alright?”  Because you probably are not.

Know that for each such incident captured on video, there may be hundreds that are not.  For each Christian Cooper being unfairly accused by a white person.  For each Breonna Taylor shot to death while in her bed.  For each Ahmaud Arbery gunned down as if he were an animal.   As explained by Trevor Noah, these were dominoes descending into racial despotism.

We ask only one other consideration:  the black and brown communities have been disproportionally impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.   According to the American Medical Association, their death rates are skyhigh, relative to whites.  Their job losses are more than double of the white community.  In 2020, we suddenly find that 50% of black adults have no job.  And these communities don’t have financial reserves to fall upon.   Here are the most recent June finding by the Advisory Board:

It’s OK to be enraged.  Because it will take that feeling to make the changes that are sorely needed.

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  1. CJ Grey
    CJ Grey says:

    And you can also add this to the data: blacks are killed at 3x the rate of whites by law enforcement. Yes, white America, the injustice is real; black folks were not “whining” or “making things up”.

    As Will Smith said back in 2016 on Jimmy Kimmel: “Racism isn’t getting worse. It’s getting filmed”. Word.

    Thank you San Diego CAN for posting this… and being on the correct side of this. Keep up the good work. The sociopathic scammers are legion out there!!


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