Caveat ClickBank, ClickBetter and ClickSure: They’re not scams, but…

clickbankOur blog often deals with Internet scammers who are offering little of value for way too much money.    But there’s another thing that many Internet scams have in common: ClickBank , ClickBetter and ClickSure.   These two companies are affiliate-marketing network for digital products like eBooks, software and membership sites in different categories, handling credit card processing, accounting and payouts for these vendors.   Clicksure — a barely disguised Clickbank-clone — handles financial transactions for Internet marketers; most of the Clicksure offerings are binary trading scams.    Both of these companies effectively serve as a bank for Internet scammers.   Their loose rules and poor accountability has served as a magnet for fly-by-night or unscrupulous Internet marketers.  Even worse is a new scammer payment gateway:  Software Projects Inc.   We’ve been unable to find any of their products that we could recommend for purchase by consumers.

Why You Should Avoid These Payment Portals

As the banks-that-can’t-say-no to questionable businesses,  it is commonly the service provider to the “get rich quick” or “learn the secrets that they don’t want you to know” kind of Internet marketers.   Both ClickSure and ClickBank are very affordable commerce platform that is cost-effective for Internet companies looking to get started and/or keep costs low.    But a good rule of thumb for any consumer is that when you order a product or service and you are forwarded to a ClickBank or ClickSure secure payment form,   red lights should be flashing.   ClickBank-registered marketers usually tout a “60 Day A Money Back Guarantee”  which should make you feel even more concerned than comforted.    Before you make a purchase, you should make it a point to do some research about that vendor from whom you are going to buy “secret”, “controversial”, “guaranteed” or “shocking” information or products. Remember that when services offer “get rich”, “money making opportunities” they are actually  referring to themselves, not you.   In contrast, the ClickSure marketers are not required to offer refunds.  We’ve found that most of the marketers making offers through ClickSure are not reputable.  We are not the only ones who have found problems with ClickSure.

Not Always Easy Getting Your Money Back

Getting refunds from ClickBank isn’t as easy as it would appear.  Our review of complaint websites reveal a number of very unhappy consumers who have really bad experiences and unresolved run-arounds with ClickBank customer service.  Certainly, not all companies that use ClickBank are scammers;  many are honest and well-meaning start-up businesses. Unfortunately, they’ve chosen an ecommerce platform shared by too many unscrupulous businesses.  It is akin to  going into the wrong bar in a bad neighborhood;  they may serve the same booze but you’d not want to hang with the other patrons.

So, if you see a ClickBank, ClickSure or ClickBetter payment form, your scam antenna should activate and you should check around for complaints or legitimate review sites. Don’t join the ranks of the untold unhappy customers these payment portals for infoscammers.

3 thoughts on “Caveat ClickBank, ClickBetter and ClickSure: They’re not scams, but…”

  1. and are also WELL KNOWN for scamming affiliates who promote products for vendors, not just customers.

    For example I earned about $200 in commissions on and about $30 in commissions on However, unless earn above a certain amount of commissions, WITHIN A CERTAIN TIME PERIOD, these commissions start to disappear.

    I posted a youtube video about DISAPPEARING COMMISSIONS here:

    What concerns me the most is that if they can come up with all these catches, caviats, and exceptions to paying out affiliate commissions they are in effect getting traffic, sales and profits for FREE.Vendors and the network both benefit from this type of practice, and the affiliate is the only one that will lose out.It’s sad to see this happen with a USA based company like ClickBank, there should be some law against this.

    So again, you have a system purposefully engineered to take advantage of the little guy and the lack of protection against him when stealing $300 or less from people you owe money to. is also a huge scam, as an affiliate I made a $250 sale and every week they deducted fees from it until nothing was left. Their excuse was that I didn’t hit the $300 minimum withdrawal amount and therefore could not withdraw, every week you don’t withdraw they charge you a fee.

    Beware: has changed their name to and is engaged in the same practices under this new identity.

  2. Agreed Jeff. You’re spot on with regard to refunds from Clickbank. I recommend NEVER going directly to vendor for refunds. Go straight to the source (Clickbank Support) and you WILL get your refund. I have never once been denied a refund and have purchased many products/services on CB. Do your due diiigence of course before spending your $$$ (anywhere), but if it doesn’t work out rest assure your $$$ are not at risk with Clickbank. Sidenote: Make sure you don’t let your money back guarantee expire.

  3. Agreed that Clickbank need to tighten up their filters and stop the rats selling their products there.

    But if Clickbank are allowing these silly programs to be sold, who is responsible for telling Clickbank not to sell them? After all, it seems to be entirely legal isn’t it? Therefore, should this be more of an FTC issue?

    As for this statement:

    “Getting refunds from ClickBank isn’t as easy as it would appear. Our review of complaint websites reveal a number of very unhappy consumers who have really bad experiences and unresolved run-arounds with ClickBank customer service.”

    Not actually true. You do not need to contact any service or staff for a refund. You can do it automatically if you take a few seconds to look at your invoice! It’s that easy.

    And even if you don’t do that, you send an email to Clickbank with details of your order. You’ll be refunded every single time on the same day usually.

    When people get runarounds it’s from the VENDOR, not from Clickbank. And some of these vendors are not entirely scrupulous, yes you’re correct about that. But not to confuse them with Clickbank themselves, who are just the platform for selling.


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