Things You Can Do This Holiday Season….for Others

The Holiday Season is a time when we stress out about shopping, cooking, gifting and just about everything else.  But it’s actually suppose to be a time to do things for others.   This year, perhaps you would consider doing something special for others who are less fortunate.  Within your community there may be hundreds or thousands of people who don’t have the things they need to stay comfortable, healthy, or safe. If you have the means to help with donations through money, clothing or food, or if you can volunteer with places in your community that need it, now is a great time to get started.  Please consider some of these resources:  

Give Some Items to Needy Kids

Collect Toys for Tots

How to Organize a Clothing Drive

4 Ways Your Child Can Help Feed the Hungry in Your Community

Easy Tips for a Successful Food Drive

Worthy Donations to Make

Make a Donation to St. Jude in Memory of Someone

Trees for Troops 2019

Humane Society: Make a Gift Donation

Donate to Disabled Veterans of America

Volunteering Opportunities

Help for Veterans

Ring for the Salvation Army

Deliver with Meals on Wheels

Helping to End Homelessness

Other Ways to Help

5 Ways You Can Donate Your Gift-Wrapping Skills to Charity

How to Use Your Coupon Skills to Help Others

Buy for Those in Need and Use Deals to Stretch Your Dollars

25 Creative Winter Fundraising Ideas

Look around your community for places that could use your help, including shelters, organizations that help displaced citizens, senior homes, and schools, and ask friends and family to help you collect items that could be useful. You can also be on the lookout for donation centers at your local grocery store; sometimes you can even find pre-bagged meals there for the less fortunate. By harnessing resources that will point you in the right direction, you can make giving back easier than ever.

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