COOL TIP: Google Fi Cellular Service Best For Travelers and Pixel Owners

Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) is a cellular service created by the data company so as to offer affordable phone service to Nexus and Pixel phone buyers.   It offers significant price discounts on Google-made phones and a very competitive pricing proposition.   And it is best known for the fact that its pricing was extremely transparent (as well as simple) and it includes excellent coverage in over 200 countries.  If you like to buy Pixel phones and/or find yourself travelling outside of the U.S., the Google Fi service is a hands-down best-in-the-business deal.

Google Fi offers two very simple cellular plans:  Flexible and Unlimited.   The flexible plan has been around a while and touts  a minimum monthly of $20 for nothing but calls and texting and a maximum of $80 for 6GB or more, but the throttle already kicks in at 15GB here. The unlimited offering was just introduced in 2019 and is competitive, albeit not the lowest-cost plan.   But if you plan to buy a Google-made phone, Google Fi may be the best deal out there for cellular users.

Flexible Plan

  • Unlimited calls & texts costs $20 for the first person and $15 for each additional person, up to 6 members.
  • Bill Protection: Data is $10/GB until you reach your data level. After you reach your data level, all data is free.
  • Adapts to your data usage. You won’t pay for data you don’t use.
  • Ideal for low data users. Data is speed is slowed to 256 kbps after 15 GB of use. There are some ways to get full data speeds.

Unlimited Plan

  • Fixed pricing that doesn’t unexpectedly change.
  • Unlimited data.
  • Up to 22 GB of free, unmetered data. Data speed is slowed to 256 kbps after 22 GB of use (video speeds may be optimized to DVD-quality 480p). Learn how to get full data speeds.
  • Calls abroad from the U.S. to 50+ countries & territories at no additional cost.
  • 100 GB of Google One storage per member.

Like Google Fi’s flexible plan, the price gets lower when you share it with others. Two and three lines will cost $60 and $50 per line, respectively, while four to six lines cost $45 per individual user. (note: these prices exclude taxes and government fees).

The unlimited plan includes 22GB of unthrottled data per line. Google also notes that it may limit videos to 480p to help you eke out more high-speed data before the throttle kicks in, even though only around one percent of its current customers ever reach that amount. Just like Fi’s regular plan, the unlimited one also allows you to go online and text at no extra charge in about 200 destinations around the world and gives you free international calls in 50 places.

Discounted Google/Pixel Phone Deals

Where Google Fi really shines is on its Pixel smartphone promotions.  In late 2018, it offered a $1000 promotion (gift cards) if you purchased a $1000 Pixel 3.   Yes, that’s correct.  Essentially, you got their world-class acclaimed Pixel 3 phone for free.   Currently, Google is offering 50% off a Pixel 3 or 3 XL when you purchase and activate through Fi, valid through September 18 or until they run out of stock. The company is slated to release its next phone on October 15, so Pixel 3 prices are already dropping across the board without requiring you to switch carriers.  But Fi always offers some great promotional prices on Google’s newest phones, so it’s worth subscribing for that reason alone.

Storage Add-On

With each Google Fi plan, you’ll also receive a free Google One storage account of 100GB  (which costs $2 on its own), for use with Google Drive, Gmail, and Android backups.

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