Couponing Apps: The Old-Fashioned New Way To Shop

Coupons.   They’ve been around since…..well, it’s been too long to calculate.   But 21st century coupons don’t look anything like the ones that your parents and grandparents used.  Cutting-edge technology has made using coupons more convenient than ever.  When it comes to saving a good amount money while shopping, using couponing apps is one of the best ways to go.  Finding the best coupon deals is not an easy job as it requires some serious searching and analytical efforts.  Here are six couponing apps that run on both Android and iOS that you will definitely save you money:


Groupon is one of the most popular coupon apps with a huge number of discount deals world wide. One of the best features of Groupon is that it allows you to search coupon deals by service or category, mark the favorite one and share the best deal with your friends. Ranging from restaurants, shows to theme parks, weekend gateways, spa-rejuvenation, Groupon offers discount deals and coupons on almost everything. You can use the purchased coupon directly in the app. You will be amazed to find the awesome deals using this app.

Download: Free app for both the Android and iOS platforms


This is another awesome App that offers excellent coupon dealing is Slickdeals. It allows you to start by selecting a store, from Amazon to Zales, the store list is huge. You can also find restaurants, services providers and pharmacies with this app. There are some medicine delivery application development services work closely with this app to provide a budget friendly experience to the users. The coupon usage process is pretty easy- you just need to activate the coupon and go to the store where you want to use it. This app also offers coupons that allow you to purchase directly from the online store and obtain the discount deal. Based on the keyword, store and category, you can create discount alert. Getting a great deal is a cake walk with this awesome app.

Download: Free for both the iOS and Android platforms.


Ibotta is one of the most popular mobile coupon apps available online. This app comes with a highly user-friendly interface so that anyone can use this app without experiencing any sort of difficulties. Once you open the app, you will see the list of nearby stores that you can choose from. Once you select the store, you will find the list of eligible items, rebate amounts and images of the items. You just need to click on the item that you want to add to your shopping cart. This app always encourages you to remain connected with your loyalty program. You can easily submit a purchase for loyalty program by simply taking the picture of grocery receipt. You will get the cashback deposited to your account within 48 hours. Once your account in Ibotta reaches $20, you can opt for cashing out or pick up a gift card for your favorite store.

Download: Free for both the Android and iOS.


Be it foods, products, service or more, you can easily save money with DealPlus app. All you need to do is tap to a view details and you will get to see the paper form of the coupon. You can do a lot of things like – saving your favorites, sharing saving your friends, vote for deals that you would love to have, etc.You can look at the store’s page and sort the best deal by in-store or online. When it comes to redeeming an online coupon, you will be directly taken to the website of retailer.

Download: DealPlus is free for Android and iOS.


Dosh is a perfect app for the credit cards rewards and cash back. This app focuses on providing the best user-experience along with the implementation of automation. You just need to add your credit card or debit card accounts to the app. Whenever you  make a purchase, Dosh will automatically search for the best coupon code, discount deals or other promotional offers to provide you with the best discount deal on your purchase.The cash back gets stored to your bank account and you can withdraw it to your bank account, PayPal or any kind of charity of your choice  at any point of time.


You can get a lot of money saving coupon deals on popular stores and brands. You can find all the nearby deals by searching with your location. You can also browse by store, category, or brand. This app gives you coupons available for the both online and offline stores. This app offers a few extra deals like cash back on purchases, gift card deals and crucial notifications, etc.

Download: RetailMeNot is free on both the iOS and Android platforms.



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