ALERT: Take Back Your Rights From Chase Credit Cards

Chase credit cards has recently changed its terms of service and these changes will matter to you.   In an email you likely received on or about May 31, 2019.  (don’t be surprised if your computer was smart enough to put it in a spam box where it belongs).  The email subject line reads: “Important information regarding changes to your Chase account.”  In this email, Chase asserts that any dispute that you have with the credit card company must be addressed through arbitration.  You can’t use the courts and you can’t be part of a class action.   Nasty!

However, there’s a small clause in this nasty notice that should not escape your attention.   It’s sort of a loophole that allows you to preserve your legal rights.   It reads as follows:

There it is!  If you mail a rejection letter to Chase by August 9th, you will not lose your legal right to challenge Chase if it wrongs you.   It’ll cost you a 50-cent stamp and about three minutes of your time.   Is it worth it?  Hell yeah!


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